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Should college athletes be paid?

Should college athletes be paid?

College is a registered and well known Institution who worked with the aim of providing quality education to students. College athletes are the students who play for college. These students go outside the college to play. To represent their association and to win prizes to make them the best. College athletes are the students who got admission on the basis of sports quota this student gets relaxation in marks. This relaxation is providing on the basis of the certificates of national and state level matches. These certificates are the proofs that the student has secured a position or participated in a particular tournament to represent their school or institution they were studying in. These athletes spend their maximum college life in practising their particular games or sports. They go to various colleges, Institutions and Universities to present their college. They try there hard to bring their college at the top.

These athletes go to different states and different countries. These students give their best to get acknowledged. There will be lots of things which will change if these athletes will be paid. The amount will work as remuneration for the students. Which helps them to pay their expenses. This payment will motivate the student to take more initiative to step forward and learn and to play and will support and represent their organisation even more. It will act as an internship for a student where he plays and gets paid. It can lead to the increase in his/her passion towards that sport. It will help the child to become self-dependent. It will act as a way to appreciate them.

If college athletes are paid, there will be many things which affect the students. They work hard, sacrifice their studies, do hard work increasingly just for the sake of their college fame and importance. I remember one of the lines as follows: -

 "I believe that college athletes who appear on television should be paid out of any money received by their respective schools from the television networks. ... Paying college athletes would encourage athletes to stay in school longer and not leave for a professional career."

- Joseph M. Sofia, Built Sports

and the above said is true the money can motivate them in many ways, they would work more hard for the sake of internships and scholarships. Also they will get to know the importance of the sport. Since these are those mere college students and by that time they have no financial stability, this money could also help them in fulfilling daily needs without doing any part time activities as they can do only the thing that they are good in - sports and the rest lie with universities. Scholarships just act like a reward for the student in return for the favour they do to the college with their excellent performance and good deeds.

When there is a right end to anything the way to end it also changes, in a similar manner if there would be cash prizes or any such things the student athletes will do their jobs more with Excellency which may result in a good competition and will also make them work more hard to prove themselves. Not only regarding money a college can help by providing them with other kinds of stuff like free education, housing, transport, food, better coaches and other things. This kind of things can act in a way same as money. Money motivates athletes to work wit a different mindset as their way to see the changes. Also if one saves a right amount he/she can use it for future use, for a better career, a better life or to progress in the way towards their dreams.

These students do a good amount of hard-work for their college as when they achieve something the college gets fame and gets equally benefited so colleges should also do the same for these athletes. This entire amount should decide on the basis of the work or the amount of dedication that student have given in the progress. The amount of hard works in securing the trophies for the organisation.

But as every coin has two sides it has some harmful effects as well. If we pay the college athletes, there are chances that they will start practising only for money rather than for their choice. There are chances that due to the amount of payment some students will try to be a part of the team and at the time of performance fail. The remuneration which is to be paid if the student is having experience and performed well.

In the end, it would not be wrong to conclude that if these athletes are paid, they will develop a feeling of proud and may start dominating other students which will affect others. They might create a sense of horror amongst new children who are trying to be a part of it. Above all, they are not professionals they are doing all this for their universities. In return for pay, they are getting relaxation in marks at the time of admission.

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