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Should We Re think How Long Students Spend in High School?

Should We Rethink How Long Students Spend in High School?

Rethinking refers to thinking about something to change. No doubt time spent by the student is long. School a place to rejoice. It is the platform from where a student starts facing competition. A school is a place where a student starts its life. A new location that becomes a second home for the student or child where he/she gets equal care and attention as they got at home. The student spends almost 13 to 15 years in school. It is an extended period where a student learns almost everything. It is a place where they learn how to share, how to behave. Even school is the place where teachers teach a student how to sit properly or the right way to sit. They even learn how to walk properly. They help them perform various activities. They teach them the right way to eat.

No doubt the time spent by a student is too long. Approx 15 years is Hugh time, but yet it is necessary as these years are the base they help them to explore their self. As being period is so long a child goes through various ups and downs he/she faces various challenges which they have to overcome either themselves or with the help of their parents, teachers and friends. These challenges are not so hard sometimes it seems to be so stupid like forgetting to bring the notebook, to teach a particular chapter, to solve some questions, etc. All these are the challenges which are too small to us but seem a big hurdle for small kids.

In the present education system, we are focusing more on memorising due to which sometimes student face problems.

Every year a student is promoted to a next class where he/she has to face challenges, or we can say as the standard rises the same will be affecting their way of learning writing and acting. Every step of education is important. Every step is important and has its value. These class levels are organised to teach students without exerting a lot of pressure on the students. Even sometimes some chapters are repeated for 2 to 3 years having desired information for each level. Study Patten is made keeping in mind not to pressurise a child. Different ways are being tried every year to make this system best for the students.

Students are taught the right way to enhance their creative skills. They are taught to be strong to face all the problems in life. Here a child is being cared so that he can learn how to overcome his/her weakness. It's a cruel world outside where everyone is there to critic others. Ever one is keen to point out your mistakes. Everyone wants to show other that they are better than other. Students are prepared to face such things. Teachers keep them in a safe shield with an iron hand on them. So that they can explore.  Students have to go through various examinations to achieve the next level. If they fail, they are kept under special supervision so that they will be able to overcome the problems and issues and can reach at least the minimum level.

Even it is common to hear that some students feel like they are incarceration. Due to the long period, they have to spend there. With all kind of restrictions imposed by teachers over them. As school is also looking after a lot of students. They are the primary institution who is responsible for the future of many. They create an environment which is beneficial and suitable for all. There is no preference for rich and poor all students are graded under same circumstances. All of them are equally taught, and everyone got fair enough chance to prove their skills and talents.

It would be not right to rethink on the period as the student spend the appropriate time he/she become self-intelligent to think about their good and evil. They got the complete knowledge to face the world. All the stages of school are equally important.  There is no need to think at the time, but it would be good enough if we rethink on the ways of teaching. It would be better if we focus on providing quality education without lots of pressure. Knowledge, a way of thinking should be focused rather than focusing on memorising the material. As if they understand it, it will be in their minds forever. If they memorise it, there may be chances of mistake or forgetting it. In the end, the time spends in school is appropriate. Rethinking is not required.

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