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What role should technology play in education?

What role should technology play in education?

Technology and education or "Edutech" have a correlation which is inseparable. Both affect each other to a great extent. In the 21st century, we cannot think of education not having the benefit or use of technology. It has given the system a new dimension and has completely changed the pedagogy. Earlier books and boards are used to be the tool of learning; now these have been replaced by virtual aids, for e.g. Computers internet and whiteboards. Technology has created virtual classrooms for those who are not able to attend. It is creating a difference in the patterns and procedures which were used to teach students. Innovations and advancement in teaching techniques have been helpful in enticing students towards it.

It has made a great difference in the conventional methods of pedagogy, and the results are quite positive as well.

  • It is not good for the students, but teachers also can improve their skills through the internet and keep up their credentials and in return can help students.
  • Assistive Technology has made things accessible for special needs students and differently able students to achieve by creating individualised learning environments.
  • For those who could not continue school or college at one point of time, for them, technology is a boon. Technology has made it possible for them to continue education and gain more knowledge.
  • It works at the pool of knowledge and opportunities those who are keen to learn. One can keep himself updated and can be ready to take on any new challenges in work-field.
  • It has become the best medium to collaborate knowledge, experiences, interests and ideas at an open forum. Virtual Classroom is the place where there are no geographical boundaries, students and teachers from all over the globe can interact and share their knowledge.
  • Knowledge is no longer limited to tutors and books. One can find almost everything on the internet which interests them and can have practical knowledge about it through various tools.
  • Involvement of technology in education has increased the motivation level and engagement of students. They find it more fascinating to use different tools to complete their assignments
  • Parent involvement has also become an easy task because of technological advancements. Contacting parents and keeping them updated about their children's performance through various ways such as mobile phones and E-mails.

We cannot omit technology's role in the education system, but, we need to look out what impact it is making in the system? It is clearly not the solution to the education of modern times, in fact, it is a tool or aid meant for learning. It should incorporate in studies as a helping hand, but not as the only way to do it. Use of interactive whiteboards in the classes promotes teacher-centered learning, whereas the approach should be student centred learning.

 The presence of the teacher is very much required in class. With changing times the role of the tutor has also changed. Apart from being a presenter of the lessons, they also have to act as facilitator and guide to have benefited from these technological advancements. Constant Check on students is required while they are learning with new age gadgets. They may decide for which particular lesson, students use technology.

Flipped Classroom is a new concept in which students do not require any tutor, and they can learn all by themselves by watching a video or through video chat prepared by their facilitator. Classes can happen through video conferencing, and students can ask questions either through E-mails or live chat. In this digital age, it is hard to keep students away from technology because it has become an integral part of their life.

To cope up with changing scenario schools and colleges will have to refrain the pedagogy, not radically, but can build this concept slowly. There are certain factors which need to be kept in mind while applying or using technological advancements such as:-

  • Its impact on student's holistic learning experience both in-class and at home.
  • To identify the amount of training required of teachers to maximise the benefit of the technology.
  • Monitoring is required for, how the technological advancements and equipment would be used to add value to the student's learning experience.

"The most important thing that schools can do is not to use technology in the curriculum more, but to use it more effectively."

Technology has a great impact on education. The world is changing and so as the methods of pedagogy. We cannot do away with the use of technology in education system completely because its future lies in it. The transition phase of traditional classroom learning in the virtual world is very exciting and promising, but it needs a proper guidance and control. It will help us, not to depend on it. It should be used as an aid only and not as the only way to learn and grow.

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