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Does adding days to the school year improve learning?

Does adding days to the school year improve learning? (fact)

The school is the place which builds the career of an individual. It is the stairs to the heights of success. The parents always aspire for the best school for their kids. It is rightly said that the educated person has the key for every door. The right schooling shapes up not only the career of the student but also his life. Though the school and education are very crucial the question whose answer is still debatable is the number of hours which a student spent in the school matters?

 The day of school going child is properly planned, the activity of each time of day is pre decided. The students spent approximately seven hours in school depending upon the grades. The holiday calendar is also planned by the schools in beginning of the new session. Accordingly the parents and the students plan their year; holidays, breaks etc. However the number of school hours and the number of school days is always a matter of concern. The school authorities believe that the increasing the days of the school will lead to more studying hours which will ultimately lead to the better and higher scores. Many schools have already implanted the decision of increasing school days and they claim to have improved results.

So does it mean that adding days to the school really improve learning?

The question has opened the door to many reviews; the teachers, students, parents, the Government, he school authorities and the whole educational system has their reasons and explanations. However what matters should be the yearning of the students. Although the teachers, the school authorities and every other person want the benefits of the students the fact is that the students wish the most vital factor. It is they, who are supposed to benefit from adding to the instructional hours by the schools. But surprisingly, this aspect is not paid much heed.

The schools authorities generally decrease the number of holidays to accommodate more working days or increase the duration of school hours. This decision is opposed citing various reasons. They are:

The adding up of the school days also implies to adding up the cost; payment of teachers, infrastructure cost everything will simultaneously increase. The schools will have to arrange for the extra income. The extra income means arranging for more funds. The result is the increased funds arranged by school are utilized for the basic education only. Had the increased number of days would not have lead to the more expenditure; this funds would have been used for providing the other learning tools for the students.

The teachers will also have to manage their time and days according to the revised schedule. This decision may be not welcomed by many teachers. Ultimately they will teach under the stress or tension which will affect the teaching standards.

The adding up of the school hours does not necessarily mean that it will add to the quality of education. There is always two way of teaching anything; one is to teach that thing repeatedly so that in end person learns because of the repetitive nature and second is to teach that thing with a trick. The second way in which a thing is taught with a trick will be learnt in faster manner and also the person will remember it for the lifetime as compared to the first method. This example fits perfectly in teaching. The increased number of days will mean that we are teaching them the regular ways but if want them to learn tricks which they remember for lifetime we, must concentrate on quality rather than quantity.

The adding up school days will lead to very little spare time for a student. It is very essential for the students to have the fun time or time to play or enjoy. Apart from school, the students have to also complete his homework, assignments and projects. They have to also prepare for the standardized test for every subject. The increased number of hours or days will eventually escort to the nil spare time. The student's life will become monotonous and gradually their interest on studies and school will decline. The ultimate purpose of adding up the school days would defy.


The purpose of the schooling should not be only the high scores rather it should be the quality education. The adding up to the school days was initially started with the thought that the school hours for students are less comparatively. However, the increased school hour has now become the practice which every school wants to follow irrespective of the interest of students. If schools really feel that the students should spend more school hours than adding days to the school should be utilized in giving them some extra knowledge apart from the conventional studies which ensures that the interest of student is entitled. As the ground reality is that the students who studies with interest becomes a knowledgeable person and the students who study only for high scores becomes only educated.

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