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Are Children of Illegal Immigrants Entitled to Public Education

Are Children of Illegal Immigrants Entitled to Public Education

Every child in the world has the right to education, no matter their migration status. But sadly, this is not the case for many children across continents. Governments of respective countries are coming down hard on them. As of late, the Alabama state in the United States of America, called on schools to check the immigration status of students. With the word spreading like wildfire, many students didn't turn up for classes. While the US constitution ensures equal education for all, immigration policies put it on a setback. Every year, thousands of people including children end up in the US for a better life and future. Many of them come illegally without the proper documents. But as the department of education has given a ray of hope to the illegal immigrant children; they are entitled to a taxpayer-funded public education. Under the federal law, the children can get enrolled in public elementary and secondary schools. Authorities say that most groups of immigrants crossed the Mexico border into the US and many are from Central America. According to the State of Washington Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI), public schools:

-    Should not treat any child differently (this is in regards to their residential status)

-    Should not stop or prevent any child from getting an education

-    Should not look for social security numbers

-    Should not deny enrollment or admission

Education is a fundamental right. No child should be deprived of it. Everyone is looking at bettering their lives in one way of the other. Illegal immigrants think they can get better jobs and living standards by crossing the border. The same is for asylum seekers. The US government caters to the needs of illegal immigrant children.

Relief for Illegal Immigrant Children

The US Department of Education has asked its schools and administrators to give a helping hand. The department has asked schools to make way for the increasing illegal immigrant children. Teachers have been urged to cooperate and reach out to the children to improve their lives. They should make an effort to understand and accommodate the children. The intention of the department and the government as a whole is to do away with the stigma of being an illegal immigrant. Many children get teased and bullied just because they look different, speak a different language and belong to a different culture or background. Political scientists say that the government is using education to create awareness about illegal immigrants. The higher authorities are doing whatever it can to make the lives of people better, and not only for the US citizens, for the world. Through such programs or initiatives, people will realise the difficulties that illegal immigrants go through. They will understand the pain of living their homes for a better home. Everyone should be aware of the issues and give a helping hand in any way they can. Settled families and US citizens can help out by providing food, and stationery, etc. The can provide better opportunities for the illegal immigrant children. They shouldn't be differentiated and segregated from the children their age. By providing education, the government is preventing and uprooting discrimination. Illegal immigrant children are given the same and equal opportunity as every other child in the US. It is a positive sign, but it also has its share of drawbacks. For example, by announcing equal education irrespective of migrant documents, more and more illegal immigrants will head for the US. Their children will get an equal education, but the US should be ready for social ills such as drug smuggling, prostitution and crime. The government should be ready to handle all types of situation. They should also place policies and acts to engage the illegal immigrant adults. Many US citizens argue that their children's rights are being stampeded because of too much attention is being given to the illegal immigrant children. If the government charges the normal citizens taxes, the immigrants should also be made to pay taxes. Nothing comes free. Illegal children want to betterment their families lives through proper education. They have seen hardships and believe that with education and professional careers, they will make better lives. Overall, the benefit will be for the community and country as a whole. The illegal immigrants will contribute towards the economy. Education is a basic right. No one should be deprived of it. Everyone should be given the opportunity to go to schools and learn. They can then contribute towards their growth and overall being.

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