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What Effect Do Fine Arts Have On Students

What Effect Do Fine Arts Have On Students

Art is a way of life. It reaches out to all walks of life and is not limited to a particular age group. Little kids and adults alike benefit from arts. Every culture in the world and every civilisation has been part of the art. It cannot be learned in the same manner as math or science. Art is engaging and thrives on patience and practice. Researchers say that fine art benefits every academic area and valuable to the overall educational process. It enhances learning. Researchers say that fine arts boosts and promotes self-esteem, confidence, gives exposure to the fading cultures of the world and develops creativity. It thrives and strives for social harmony and appreciates diversity. Fine arts call out to people of different race, culture and religion to work together for the same goal. It creates understanding and special bonding and connection.

The Slow Diminish of Arts

Sadly, fine arts are slowly coming to an end. The reason is the current hi-tech age. People prefer to be logged into social media sites and surfing the internet than appreciating the beauty of sculptures, paintings and live play or drama. The past decade has witnessed low turnouts at art galleries and opera shows. The artists feel that their work is no longer being appreciated. People like to take photographs with the sculptures and paintings, but this doesn't make it any popular. They need to stop, recognise, wonder and appreciate the work. They should criticise and let the artists know what they feel. Unfortunately, this is not happening. Many big corporate and politicians attend the galleries for their own publicity. They say nothing about the art. Even the critics are falling silent. It is because no one is taking their work seriously. They don't have an audience. Moreover, parents advice and urge their children to go for science majors. They want them to become doctors, engineers and other high profile professions. If a child wants to take up painting, sculpturing or dancing, the parents are not with it. They discourage the child. Parents and teachers should look at all subjects and disciplines equally. They should let the children choose and work towards whatever field they want to. 

Revive the Arts

Arts should be revived. It has many benefits for students. And there are many studies to prove the same. Students exposed to drama, dance and music are better at reading, writing and maths than their counterparts. Researchers say that even get better results on standardised tests. Other studies have highlighted that arts education improves learning and critical thinking skills. Arts make the students think and develop opinions of their own. They can openly express themselves. Students can channel their energy into dramatic characters and performance. It helps develops and control emotions. It builds their confidence and boosts self-esteem. Researchers also say that people with fine arts background have great leadership skills and qualities. Arts bring the world closer. It connects continents, countries and the people. It develops and improves cohesion. Moreover, it has been observed that many social ills and issues have been addressed through arts. There have been street plays enacted by artists and school children. Their themed dramas and plays have been brought to the forefront or the notice of relevant authorities. Positive actions and initiatives have been taken. Painters and Sculptures dedicate their work for social causes such as fighting cancer or highlight war crimes. It gets recognition. People notice. Governments notice. It moves heads. There is a need to revive arts because it reaches out to millions of people across the globe. It brings everyone on the same page. It's up to the people whether they agree or disagree with the work.  If more students take arts, there will be fewer school dropouts. More and more students will graduate. It will benefit the institutions and the societies as a whole. It contributes to the nation's economy. It makes lives better and easier. Institutions can reach out to people by giving free classes such as in painting or sculpturing or dramatics or dance. Interested persons can go further with it. They can go for fresher courses or start something of their own.

Fine arts contribute towards the betterment of the society and the nation as a whole. It should no longer be looked down upon. Every subject or discipline should be given a fair chance, and those who want to pursue it shouldn't be discouraged. Fine arts are important for a well-rounded education.

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