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Should Reading and Math Be Taught in Gym Class Too

Should Reading and Math Be Taught in Gym Class Too?

Common core subjects have made their ways in the physical education section in a way that it has caused a contrary debate whether the inclusion of common core subjects like math and reading should be included in the physical education class or not?

To deeply analyse the matter, it will be appropriate to understand the phycology behind the inclusion of reading and math in the common core subjects. In accordance to some experts, these days school management instigate school teachers to incorporate reading and math in their physical education students and are being told to that these are the standard core subjects which need to be incorporated whenever it is possible for teacher of physical education to include them in the class.

But in this scenario, the question arises how the math and reading viable does and helpful in the physical education class, and what is the parameter of their success if they are blended?

Many school managements believe they the class of physical education is a great way to enhance and articulate the reading as well as writing skills of a student in comparison to the same which is being taught in the usual daily classroom. The whole idea behind the incorporation of the two skills in the physical education class a student's mind and body are in the perfect active state, and it is regarded as the best time to teach the skills that need practice every day in repetition, so when the students gym session are completed. After that, if they are being taught math and reading, it enhances their participation because of their active state. Thus the whole philosophy behind the inclusion of the core subjects in the gym class is simple and unique. The inclusion of these subjects helps the student to improve his writing and reading skill to a great extent, and as far as now this experiment has proven to be right and useful.

Many coaches of physical education equally believe that it is as important as to exercise our minds as we do in physical education class the activities with our body. The physical education teachers have brilliantly collaborated the reading, writing and math skills lesson in a very simple and adaptive ways. For instance, in the reading section they are told to read the articles related to the gym session, health and fitness, etc. and in some writing lessons they are being told to write down their gym session each day and measure their progress by buying some simple math like addition and multiplication. These exercises solve both the purposes. First, it helps students to know more about the health, fitness and exercises what they are doing every day in classes by reading, with writing about their sessions it helps the student to keep track on their daily routine. The other hand it helps to improve student with reading, writing and their math skills. The whole idea of their exercises also helps the physical education teachers to enhance the interest of the students in exercise and thus it has near to zero dropout's rates.

The role of a physical; education teacher helps the student grow mentally and physical as well as assist them in enhancing their focus so that they can perform in different sections of the education brilliantly. It is a great hypothetical misconception that physical education class is only about body and performance. On the other hand, if we look to the national level gyms their goal is to help the participant to maintain a healthy lifestyle rather than focusing on the temporary year of fitness. The reading and writing activities tend to help the student to be self-aware of how one can build a healthy lifestyle and how he/she can himself learn to make a routine by adjusting their diets and exercise and plan it for their future.

Therefore it is rightly concluded that if the physical education is blended with the standard core subjects like reading and writing, we can contribute to the student's growth at much higher level by helping them to build a healthy lifestyle where both mind and body are constantly active.

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