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Your Perception Creates Your Reality

Your Perception Creates Your Reality

Perception is the belief or opinion which is held by a person; the perception is not formed by the facts but merely what appears. The perception is the product of our mind composed of our thoughts with or without a few facts.

When we see a person yelling loudly, we create in our minds the perception that he is a very short tempered person. If we spot that person on some other day, we will still have the impression that he is short tempered. This perception will gradually end to become a reality about that person. For this reason; it is said that the first impression is the last impression. The first impression creates a perception, which with the passing time becomes reality.

Perception crafts Reality:

Perception is the mirror in which we see the world when we feel the positive energy in us everything seems to be positive and similarly, when we are in bad mood, everything appears to negative. It is nothing but our perception. It is very common for the same person to behave in different surroundings or situations.

John was pretty good in academics; he recently graduated with the top score and got selected in one of the reputed company. Before joining his new enterprise, he thought to have a get together with his college friends, since he was a topper among them which he knew; he portrayed himself with an immense self- confidence. He thoroughly enjoyed the party. On next day he joined his office. In his workplace, he met with many colleagues from different backgrounds who like him had their first day. They seem to be very smart and witty. On the joining party, John was hardly able to speak up anything. On the contrary, when his other new joined colleagues spoke John came to know that have fewer scores and even less salary package than John. But still, John couldn't utter a word among them. John is the same person in both the situations so what happened to his self- confidence!

The reason is the perception, the mindset of John which became his reality. In the first situation, he went with the perception that he is the most superior among his college friends while on the other hand after meeting his new colleagues, noticing their smartness he straightway formed the perception that he is inferior to them. He didn't even bother to enquire about their backgrounds or anything else. John's personality changed from the most superior one to inferior; his mind was occupied by the inferiority complex which reflected in his behaviour.

The perception of the people often makes or breaks any relationship. Amy had a college friend Laura; they were the best friends. Amy had the perception that Laura will always support her, which Laura always does. It becomes Amy's reality. Laura was a fun loving person who always plays pranks on Amy, which Amy took on lightly. A fine day Amy asked the help of Laura to finish a vital task for her, which Laura could not do for some personal reason. Amy was so disappointed with Laura that her whole perception of her changed such that Amy did not welcome even a small prank by Laura. Both the persons are still same, but the perception of Amy changed the situation, the reality.

The child who's parents leads a happy married life to have the positive thinking towards the institution of marriage while the child whose parents are separated or have regular arguments have a downbeat approach towards the institution of the wedding. The reason behind it is the perception; the perception becomes the soul of our behaviour the perception controls the way we react to a situation.

The optimists and pessimistic lies in our mind, it is our mindset. We often meet the person who has everything in life but is still sad and on another hand some people are content with just one thing in life. It is our belief and our thinking. We human beings are blessed with the phenomena to create a perception, a perception which is based on the opinion, the opinion is based on thoughts, the thoughts are generated from our mind. So we have just to change our mindset, and things will start moving in right direction. It is we who convert our perception to the reality.


For a blissful life, it is often advised have the positive perception of the world. Our minds are like an umbrella when we open it; it protects us from the direct sunlight and rain; i.e. the negative thoughts. Our perception becomes our reality, which is the reason that sometimes a totally capable people cannot perform a task which a physically challenged person does without any difficulty.

So we should dress up our perception to have the beautiful reality.

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