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How to Be Successful in Project Management and Leadership

How to Be Successful in Project Management and Leadership

Project management is essential in nearly every organization. The role of the team differs from company to company, but overall, it plans, organizes, leads and controls the assignment. The project management team is made up of several members and it has one person leading them. He or she has to have good leadership skills in order to guide and drive the members towards the goal and achievement of the project. A number of organizations recruit people into project management who have great leadership skills. This is because if the leader is not able to make it to work, one of the members can easily fill up the vacant shoes. Leaders manage the project successfully. They bring about the desired result. The team members trust him or her and work accordingly. Project management and leadership are concurrent. The project management achievement depends upon:

  • Support -the members, seniors and stakeholders need to have one common objective and goal. They should agree on what is needed to be done. One man cannot lead members who are in discord. Its spells failure.
  • Plan-there has to a clear plan. It makes the work easy. Moreover, the project management members have a direction to work towards. Plan clearly defines everyone's responsibility and duty. The progress of the plan can only be checked with a plan.
  • Communication - the members can talk freely about their ideas and inputs. They can freely give constructive feedback to the stakeholders about the project; their thoughts. Communication has to be effective. Everyone should be given the chance to talk.
  • Control - there is no space for alterations or last minute changes as it can prove costly for the team. The project management team needs to be in control. They have to deeply think about the consequences and effects involved in opting for last minute changes.
  • Stability-by going through past projects, the team can bring about improvements and enhancements in their current and future project. While they have to be consistent in their work, they can apply creativity to bring the same achievement.

There has to be clear goals and responsibilities; and support from the leadership. Project management is a combination of team effort, knowledge, skills, and expertise.


The main attribute of project management is leadership.The project manager leads the team. The person plays a fundamental role by making decisions, setting guidelines and instructions and ensuring that the deadline is met. The project manager inspires and empowers the team and negotiates with the client. As a leader, the person has to have:

  • Shared Vision - by having a clear goal, the project manager can guide and lead the team towards it. They have to have a positive outlook and motivate the team.
  • Communication Skills - every leader should have excellent communication skills, the same is for the project manager can relay and persuade the team to look at things from his angle. He has to be open to feedback and listen to the members.
  • Trust - this is achieved through hard work and commitment. The project manager works according to the vision and ethics of the organization. He also wants the same to be followed by the team. When the team trusts the leader, they give their full support.
  • Composed - irrespective of how tough or challenging the project is, the leader has to be calm and cool. He has to set an example for the team to not to panic. If the leader is collected, the team stays positive and continues to give its best.
  • Team Player - projects cannot be done by a single person. It requires a team. The leader should be a team player and should be able to guide it. They should be able to work with every kind of individual and set a common purpose. There has to be a collective approach.
  • Decision-Making - it also involves policymaking. Project managers get the opportunity to make the call; they have to take decisions for the success of the project and the organization as a whole. If the decision takes a downhill roll, the leader should take full responsibility for it.
  • Capability - looking at the leader's skills, qualities and capabilities, the team feels secure and confident. It drives them towards success. A good leader always motivates the team.

Every project manager has to guide and work with a team. They have to meet the organizations requirements and expectations. The responsibility and success of the project lies on their shoulders. The job profile of a project manager is quite hectic.

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