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How Necessary Is a College Education

How Necessary Is a College Education?

When a student is about to pass his/her high school, one thing comes to his mind how important is higher education and how he/she may derive benefit from going for higher education. They tend to talk to different people around them whether it is family or friends, teachers or stranger. It cannot be denied that the college education impacts one social and financial standing to a great extent. Higher education has a different kind of advantages whether it is giving a widespread opportunity to work in different fields or weather to settle down financial as soon as they are done with their higher education.

Many students and parents look at the brighter side of a college degree which is to get a respectable earning job which can help them to stabilise financially and socially, whereas another point that is being thought of by students is the higher cost of education. No doubt higher education is extremely expensive these days which is making it more and more difficult for students to enrol in the higher education.

So now when we look at the question of the importance of college education of how necessary is a college education, one answer that immediately comes up rationally is the pool of opportunity that arises in front of the student after the completion of college education. The older generations question the necessity of college education as they see that nowadays students are not able to grab easily high paying jobs after the completion of the college education which was easily available in the past, which is kind of true when we look at the data. Many countries have shifted from manufacturing sector economy to the knowledge-based economy to the reliant knowledge economy, which simply concluded that to be successful in today's world. One needs to have better knowledge, and the college provides the best environment in terms of place of education, mentors and other facilities which helps the student to achieve knowledge that can be helpful for him/her to be successful in life later. Therefore, a college education gives a gateway to the student to explore different opportunities and fields to work on based on their knowledge of the field.

More than the traditional knowledge that is imparted in college, there are some other hidden factors which prove to be beneficial for a student's growth. For instance, when a student goes to the college after school, he/she is accustomed to listening to different lectures of various fields of experts. They are given assignment which is practical and require their participation at a higher level, which involves them to read various kinds of books, listen to videos, engage with different kind of organisations. From which they get help to evoke their inner sense of accountability and help them to question the true basic reasons of doing anything in life. This makes the students more judgmental about what is right and what is wrong. They ask the question related to the field which leads them to go in deeper search for the answer, which makes their pool of knowledge big day by day helping them go through different phases of learning, all these things are important for a person to become more aware and conscious of their living. It also helps the student to understand their interest area and motivates them to explore more about it which also helps them to choose their career lines effectively. When they complete their college education and go to the jobs, they always have an extra edge than their coworkers.

There are other ways in which college education helps a child to become mature and responsible, for another instance when a child goes to college he/she introduced to complete the different environment; they meet new people with different background and cultures. In early stages, students are not comfortable with each other, but that comes up as a challenge as the students need to work in a team in many of the projects, they learn to get along with each other, know the cultural differences and learn to respect them. All these things can only be experienced when a child goes through higher education, this helps them broaden their perspective regarding the word, its people and different culture. College education indeed proves to be the best learning source.

All these reasons undoubtedly prove that the college education is necessary for a child, and nothing can be compared to the kind of education which is being imparted by college and expert mentors.

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."

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