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Being a Great Leader in a School

Being a Great Leader in a School

To be a leader in a school is not easy. A person needs to have patience and vision. Plus, he or she needs to be approachable and open to change. The school is a challenging Institute where nothing remains the same. It's made up of students, teachers, administrators, parents, stakeholders and the community. Everyone has a say in it. Strong leadership is a must. It ensures the school's growth and success. Above all, the school environment should be such that leadership is welcome. The teachers, administrators and stakeholders have to work together in collaboration. It is necessary for them to give their inputs. The leader should understand the problems and grievances of the students and the teachers. He or she should then inform the stakeholders and come up with the solutions. The qualities of a great school leader include:

-    High expectations: they have to determine the wellbeing of the teachers and students. They have to encourage them for achievement

-    Development: this is brought about through on-going training. Teachers should be given the opportunity to participate in workshops and training programs to enhance their skills. They can then share it with their colleagues. This is good for the school.

-    Motivation: encourage and induce success. It is only achievable through positivity. School leaders should inspire and boost the morale of the staff.

-    Assessment: they should track the progress of the students as well as the teachers. Leaders should be supportive of everyone. Through assessments, they bring out the best in the students and the teachers. It becomes an achievement for the school.

-    Inclusive: they have a board outlook. They keep in mind the overall development of the students and the teachers and the school as a whole.

-    Partnership: in schools, success cannot be achieved alone. It requires a team effort. Leaders should always collaborate with the stakeholders, teachers, parents and students. The work and effort should be shared. Plus, it makes things easy and success attainable.

-    Clear Goals: every school has a mission and vision. The students and the teachers work according to it. It defines the school's goals and ambition.

A school is a challenge in itself. It is made up of hundreds of students. They should be given the attention and care. School leaders need to be passionate about working for the betterment of the students. They should provide them with the right direction and guidance. Leaders need to be committed and be ideal examples.

Factors of Effective Leadership in Schools

Leaders, as individuals have different skills and qualities. They have a different style of working. In a school, good leaders work inclusively. They have a huge team to work with and for. They need to give a sense of direction. This is where the factors come in. Good and strong school leader demonstrates this:

-    Data: a record of the number of students is available with every school leader. On a daily basis, they are updated with the number of absentees and those present. The leaders, normally like a school principal gets a copy of it from the respective class teachers. Apart from this, they have to make a list of students eligible and not eligible to sit for the tests.  The principal has to keep a record of the meeting be it with the parents, teachers or the school management board. They need to maintain the data at all times. According to the data, they are able to set objectives and resolutions.

-    Beliefs: many principals set high expectations for the students as well as for the teachers.  They do so to bring out the best in everyone. And this usually results in high achievements

-    Organisation: leaders keep plans and frameworks to get the best results. They work on the weaknesses and strengths of the teachers and students. Through the proper organisation, they are able to make way for events, training programs and special days, etc.

-    Planning: working as per the schedule has always been highly recommended. Schools work as per the schedules because they have no alternative. It stabilises the workflow and in turn gives positive results. Students also work on a schedule.

To be a great leader in a school, the person needs to be open and flexible to change. They should be approachable and willing to work with a team. In schools, nothing can be achieved individually. Everything comes from a team effort. And the leader has to be determined and dedicated.

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