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Should colleges abolish reliance on SAT and ACT scores in admissions

Should colleges abolish reliance on SAT and ACT scores in admissions?

Some of the major tests like SAT and ACT have been around for ages, but they have truly lost their value when it comes to the new education system. Regardless of their ineffectiveness and their student testing ability, colleges still consider the SAT and ACT scores for new upcoming students. These tests seem to have no place in our education system anymore. Experts have deeply analyzed the value of the scores in new admissions in college, and the outcome has not been for the scores. Some reasons worth to look at for removing the criteria of these scores are as follows-

-Research shows that the tests like SAT, ACT are not able to validate and measure the ability of a student. Studies says that the stability of a family income tends to increase the average score of SAT, which is not the right criteria to judge any student on behalf of SAT scores. For taking SAT one needs to have a good study ethic but the preparation for SAT tests the writing skills of a student but not exactly as students intelligence. It may be a case that as a student is brilliant when it comes to basics of any subject, computers and further skills which are good enough for a bright professional career of the student. But simultaneously it may be the case that the student is not so much proficient in writing long elongated essays just due to they are more proficient in practical skills. Now the question arises how do these SAT/ACT tests tend to judge and measure the right ability of a student and how can the colleges decide that whether these students are good enough or not.

-When a student prepares for a test like SAT/ACT, they put their lot of focus on developing a good vocabulary. As the SAT/ACT hardcore vocabulary skill. But once a student gets admission in the college and tends to use the knowledge they have acquired during the preparation of the tests, it is observed that most of the faculties disregard the papers of these students solely on the basis of the use of high-end vocabulary. Professors think that when a student's uses high-end vocabulary this means he/she is not able to explain the concept in simple form, and they are using this kind of vocabulary to put emphasis on their written work, which is not quite true. So, the whole point here is why to use any kind of vocabulary test during SAT/ACT and making them criteria to give admission in college when in reality the students are not allowed to use them, so everything goes to waste.

-When a student is about to enter into college, they have very less knowledge about how the scores work and how they can utilize their scores well. In less knowledge and high pressure from parents and society, student's start to prepare for college by preparing for sat/act like tests and slowly lost their course of high school study and eventually when the results are out they have low scores in high school subjects and well scored in SAT/ACT tests. On the occasion when the students change his/her mind and go to any technical education college to get a professional degree. Then at this point of time college gives more value to score in math and physics rather than SAT/ACT, and this is the time where the whole scenario are reversed, and the only person suffering is a student.

There are a uncountable number of colleges which secretly accepts that in all the scenario and hassle of judging a student on the basis of the Test. Which tends to create an enormous impact in making decision in the admission process, many of them still believe that the letter written by student while applying for the admission in college is unquestionably the best criteria to judge any student.

Experts in the admission cell admit that when a student writes an application to a college for admission, then the college can get to know the very best thing about the student which is his/her intent. No matter whether scores well, but an essay always reveals the true personality of a student. Their goal, their shortcomings and their interest and this truly help the colleges to judge any student at the best.

In conclusion, it is best for the benefit of both the college and student that the criteria to judge a student on the basis of SAT/ACT must be removed.

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