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What Effect Does a Good Physical Education Program on Elementary School Students

What Effect Does a Good Physical Education Program on Elementary School Students?

A good physical education program is important for all school students. It gives a physical and mental boost. Physical education is especially essential for growth of children in their early childhood and adolescent years. It has been observed that because of the busy timetables and schedules, schools opt for maximum forty-five minutes physical education program for children once a week. Only a handful of schools has a broad physical education program because most of the schools are into academics than sports. Children do not get the needed exposure to decide whether they like sports or not. Thus, they end up disliking it because they never got the opportunity to like it. Physical education teachers or guides bore the children with unnecessary running. It drains them out and makes them uninterested. Physical education programs support healthy lifestyles. It should involve the school administration, teachers, children, parents and other stakeholders.

Physical Education Programs Promote Good Health

Physical, mental and overall health helps in attaining achievements throughout one's life. The key is a good physical education program. It is also the foundation of a healthy academic life. Physical education programs create a social bonding. Children get to make friends. They get to be with like-minded persons; they also get to pursue their interests and develop hobbies. Moreover, physical education creates awareness about good health and helps in fighting obesity. Such programs help in the development and improvement of motor skills. No child is left out. Everyone gets to participate. Parents and the community can be made aware of this through weekend physical education drives whereby, they get to participate as stakeholders. The schools can help them in making healthy choices such as saying no to junk and fast food and opting for fresh cooked meals and salads. Schools can conduct races and marathons. They can organise cycling competitions to help keep the citizens stay fit and healthy. Children get to watch and cheer them on. It creates the interest and passion in them to participate.

The benefits include:

-    Makes children active

-    Teachers teamwork

-    Teaches good sportsmanship

-    Improves the learning

-    Refreshes and relaxes children

-    Growth and development

-    Promotes healthy and active lifestyles

Regular physical education should be part of the curriculum. Schools can enhance their sports skills by engaging children in various sports such as tennis, swimming, football, or basketball. The stated sports require the children to use their limbs. It engages them in running and develops their motor skills. Plus, many children get to participate. Children can also promote physical education at home by urging their families to go for a brisk walk, jog or run around the block. They can even go to the park and flex their limbs and muscles. Active children make active families and vice-versa. Schools and stakeholders should keep in mind that good physical education programs should not only be within the boundaries of the school. They have to take a step further to promote it in the community. It will provide publicity and mileage for their schools as well as improve the lifestyles of many people. Junk food and fast food may deter children and adults off the track of healthy lives but not for long. As companies and business have invested millions of dollars in establishing fast food chains, they will eventually contribute towards active lifestyles via good physical education programs. They have to take up the challenge. Research and studies have shown that children who engage in physical education do better in academics. They are above average. Studies have also found that physical education programs help improve and enhance the mental grasping power (ability). Children can tackle exams easily and stay focused on their goals. Physical education programs have positively changed the children's and people's lives around. They have found their interests and worked towards it. Now they are world's top football, tennis, rugby, and cricket players. They even go around to schools in different parts of the world to promote healthy and active lifestyles. Children regard them as icons and want to be like them. Schools and families can encourage them by having them participate in physical activities. In elementary schools, physical education teachers can engage students in hopping, skipping, and running and work towards the sports skills. They can take children to the community swimming pools once or twice a week. They can have them participate in inter-class sports competitions. Children have to encourage with new and lively activities.

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