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Do You Spend Too Much Time Preparing for Standardized Tests

Do You Spend Too Much Time Preparing for Standardized Tests?

The standardised tests are conducted at very stages in student's life. The format of the test depends on the purpose of the test. The standardised tests may have multiple choice questions, essay writing, assessments, true or false questions or any other specified format. The only condition about the standardised tests is that it tests the calibre of all students uniformly. Sarcastically, the core point does the score of standardised test can be used to judge a student's calibre.

The core of discussion-" Do You Spend Too Much Time Preparing for Standardized Tests?"

The answer to the above question is, yes and this is recently proved by the government of US, where they had also raised the concern about the increase in some standardised tests. If a student's academic life is considered, the most of the time is squander in taking exams, and the rest is spent in preparing for it. The issue here is not only that there is an increase in some the standardised tests, but the main agenda is that do these test tests the students. Consider an example:

John is the very brilliant student of trigonometry. His concepts are clear about the subject. Sadly on the day of the standardised test of trigonometry, he had got some bad news resulting in mental tension. He was not able to perform well in the test. The test results of John were below average. So has the test truly judged the knowledge of John? The point here is that these tests are not the sole mirror of reflection of the student's knowledge.

Although one can contradict that the performance is necessary, it does not matter what the issue was, but the student has to performance on the test day. To defy this point, it can be said that the standardised tests should not be sole criteria to judge a student. There should be other different ways where a student can prove his knowledge. The mere increasing of the standardised test lessens its value in student's eye. For any reason, if they are not able to perform in a single test it demoralises them towards studying.

The students had to appear for the standardised test for every subject in the schools. The preparation time a student's spends for a test takes a much time. According to a study, a student spends 20 tp 25 hours a year to appear in the test. So it can be imagined how much will the preparation time required for theses tests. The most of the time of student is spend on studying for these tests, apart from the standardised tests a student has to finish his homework. As a result, a student does not get any time for any other activity. In this scenario, some students start hating school or take the extreme step of dropping out from school.

One should not reach to the conclusion that the practice of conducting standardised test should be expelled. No, it should not be, rather the tests should be reduced in numbers and concentrated with the core topics. To further elaborate it, the students in school should be taught all subjects, but according to the interest, the focus of standardised test should be on the core subject which student wishes to study in higher grades. The college, therefore, will take the score of that subject only for admissions. These procedures will also sure the students about the field in which they are interesting and can perform.

The standardised test taken at graduation or college level are important, the Graduate Record Examination(GRE), Graduate Management Admission Test(GMAT)  and likewise are the significant tests which give the admission to the right candidates by their scores. The students appearing for these exams know well before the seriousness and importance of the exam and prepare in a similar manner. The schools from the beginning only should prepare students for these kinds of exams so that the students can shape up their career well. It is only possible when the other standardised tests are reduced in numbers such that both the teachers and students get time.

Any nation, school or teachers does not want to make their students dull. They want their students to be smart and competent. So the procedure of standardised test should be amended to decrease the number of tests. The students should be able to enjoy their studies which will be only possible when they will be able to balance study and play. The necessary point which should be remembered by every student, teacher and parent are that the standardised test does not check the life skills. So be happy, content and study hard.

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