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Reasons for Poor Performance

Reasons for Poor Performance

The education system that is being followed in the present scenario determines the performance level of a student by the measure of his scores in the academics. A student is expected to perform exceptionally well in the academics. The selection of the subjects of the students for higher studies and his career choice depend on his performance grade in the academics. Who doesn't want to perform good in academics and come out with flying colours? But there are many reasons for the poor academic performance of the students. Most of these reasons are beyond the control of the individual and results in the poor grading of the students.The main hidden reasons for the poor performance of the students can be broadly classified into student related, teacher related, institution related and family related reasons.

1.    Student-Related Reasons

1.1    Low Motivation Level - The performance of the students in the academics is highly dependent on the self-motivation level of the individual students. If the student is not motivated enough to put in little extra efforts and perform better, then the grading of the student would drastically fall.

1.2    Learning Disability - Many times it has been observed that the reason for the poor performance of the student is the learning disability of the student. If a student has some learning disability, then his grading and hence the performance drops substantially.

1.3    Different Learning Style of Students - Different students have different learning styles. They are able to apprehend a subject better if they are taught in the style that is suitable to them. But the conventional teaching style doesn't incorporate the different teaching methods and follows one monotonous style. It often results in the lack of interest of the individual in the studies and his performance becomes poor.

1.4    In-campus Social Groups - In schools and colleges, students tend to form social groups. At times a social group that a student connects to is the one which has no interest in the studies and no aim for the future. Such social groups are also one of the reasons for the poor performance of the students.

2.    Teacher - Related Reasons

2.1    Little Teaching Experience - Many a time it's seen that the educational experience that a teacher has might not be enough to tackle the study problems of the students. When the subject related problems of the students are not addressed properly, then the interest of the student in the subject drops, and it results in the poor grading of the student.

2.2    Teaching Method - Different teachers follow different teaching technique. Some teachers adopt the authoritarian teaching style, which restricts a student to clarify his queries from the teacher. Some other teachers encourage the method of instruction which calls for the equal participation of the students as well. The former teaching style lowers the interest of the student in the particular subject and results in a bad performance.

2.3    Favouritism - At times, teachers intentionally or unintentionally favours one or few students in the class. These favourite results in an adverse effect on other students. The interest of other students in the subject of that teacher drops and thus the performance.

3.    Institution Related Reasons

3.1    School Expectation - If the institution has not performed well in the academics in the past few years, then the expectations of the school from the students drops down. And when the school has no or little expectation from the students, then the students and teachers also have no abiding motivational factor to perform better. Thus the performance level of students also decreases.

3.2    Lack of Infrastructure and Modern Teaching Aids - Due to lack of funds with the institution, the institution is not able to warrant a good infrastructure which is required for the congenial study environment. In addition to the infrastructure, the school also fails to equip itself with the modern teaching aids. It hampers the education quality that is imparted to the students. Students fail to compete with their counterparts in other institutions and their grades fall.

4.    Family Related Reasons

4.1    Neglected Child - One of the cons of the modern society is that parents fail to give proper time and attention to the children either due to social commitments or professional responsibilities. Lack of affection and attention towards the child results in overall degradation in the personality and performance of the child.

4.2    Financial Status - All the students don't come from the same financial background. Due to financial situations, some of the students are not able to cater for the additional requirements of education such as reference books, tuitions, etc. This lack of the extra educational aid also results in poor performance of the students.

4.3    Family Environment - The performance of the student also depends on the environment in the family. A student from the family with a healthy and favourable atmosphere performs several times better as compared to the students who have tensed family atmosphere.

5.    Stress -  If a student is under stress due to any of the above-stated reasons or for the continuous pressure to perform outstandingly well, then the performance of the student falls due to stress.

The poor performance of a child can be attributed to any of the above reasons. The endeavours of the teachers, institutions and parents should be to help the students to perform to the best of their potential with no stress and hindrances.

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