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Bullying affect the actual bullying and fears of students

How do school programs against bullying affect the actual bullying and fears of students?

School bullying is the most widespread and uncalled practice. The school bullying is happening from ages, just that now it has become a practice whose level has increased a lot with growing years. The root of bullying starts at the very young age. Nevertheless, it is unintentional. The two kids are playing with each other and teasing each other with a toy or through the parents who are comparing two toddlers regarding behaviour to teach them discipline. These cases lead to the bullying; it just depends on the circumstances whether the child will bully or become the victim of bullying.

As it said that no one person has malicious intentions by birth, similarly there are many reasons which lead the student to bully other.

  • There is competition among students to be "cool", to prove to their friends or to impress them; a student often teases the other student. Sometimes this teasing crosses a level which unfortunately the bully is not able to control on.
  • The unhealthy environment or the inferiority complex is the other reason which makes a student negative.
  • It is also found that the students, who are often scolded by their parents at home, bully others to the extreme to prove their efficiency.
  • The jealousy or the gossiping tendency both have the other two reasons which lead to bullying.

In a random case, when a student who is found to be guilty of bullying another student was asked the reason for bullying, he merely said that he wanted to experience singling out. Yes, this is shocking, but the fact is that whatever is the basis of bullying, it leads to a problematic situation. In recent cases it is found that the students who have bullied have been tortured so much that they have ended their life, nothing can be as adverse as this.

The parents send their students to school for a better career and life, but their dreams get shattered when in both cases either their child is a bully or is being bullied. The school authorities take many measures in kerbing these activities and making school environment safe for all.

School programs against bullying:

The some of the ways adopted by schools to stop bullying are:

  • Schools arrange time to time the classes educating the students about the cons of bullying. These classes enlighten students about the harmful impacts on the life of a bully.
  • Schools install cameras in every area so that there is always check on activities of students. The apart from classes, the cameras should be installed in commotion areas where maximum bullying takes place.
  • Schools have formed strict rules and actions against the student who are found to be guilty. The school authorities promise to take severe action against the bully so that in any case the bullying does not become the regular practice.
  • The schools arrange for some volunteers who are present in schools secretly, to keep a check on students.
  • The students can complain about the bullying freely to any faculty.
  • The teachers should be trained about the ways to discourage bullying.

The school take a lot of initiatives to stop bullying as any bullying incident spoils the brand name of schools apart from harming the students. Merely, rules formation will not help the schools. The point of concern is:

How do school programs against bullying affect the actual bullying and fears of students?

If we look into the detail on the measures taken by the school and also through the particle examples, we can summarise that though some initiatives by the school are successful but still they need to amend these procedures.

  • The class on bullying sometimes educates the students about the methods of bullying. The students take them as the new ways to bully. The class also teaches students about the way to escape from the bullying. Again the bully takes it as a challenge and finds an alternate to bully.
  • The strict practice against the bully also works in the negative direction as the bully takes it as a dare and finds the weak target to bully.
  • The initiatives by the school will be only useful when they bring the social environment in the school, every student who is found be bully or is bullied should be counselled. The students must be taught to help and respect each other. The competitive spirit must be only followed till the classrooms. These practices will facilitate the school in stopping the school bullying.
  • There must be some secret way for the students where they can report about bullying secretly.


The parents must not entirely depend on schools; they should also keep a check on their child, his activities and discourage them from bad practices as the first school is home, and the first teacher is the mother. We can frame it in a way that students should be taught that they cannot raise by making others fall.

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