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Boost Your Business through Social Media Marketing

Boost Your Business through Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing when we see or read this word first thing which comes to our mind are all the social networking mediums like Facebook,Twitter,LinkedIn,Pinterest and ads popping out on these sites. Go to any of these websites or any website for that matter. One will find at least one or other advertisement.

In recent years we have seen a dynamic shift in marketing strategies of brands. Rather than adopting traditional marketing strategies or going the conventional way, there is a new way out "Social Media Marketing". It is an open platform where business and consumer meet and interact with each other.

If we go by the technical term and meaning of "Social Media Marketing "it goes as" Social marketing is a open platform where business and consumer meet and interact with each other virtually."

World has become one nation because of these social platforms. Not only leading brands are using social media for marketing but it has affected all industries such as entertainment, politics, Businesses, fashion etc.

Whether we admit or not but these days our life revolve around these things or it has become an integral part of our life. Want to go for a movie? Book My Show is the answer. Basically the idea was generated to cater the needs of people at faster rate and effectively.

Be it a traditional business which is running from ages or new age start-ups,every business is fascinated with social media marketing. Emerging social media platforms are also making a huge difference to how small businesses market themselves.

It has become an integral part of marketing strategy for all the established brands and new ventures. It is playing a significant role in marketing for new ventures. It has given a new dimension to marketing industry and creating and reviving brand values.

It is very innovative and easy to implement strategy but like any other thing it has its pros and cons. Will take up pros first which helps in boosting business.


• Low cost channel - As compared to any other medium it is less costly and more effective. Reason being it is almost practically free. One just needs to sign up and you are ready to dive into pool of opportunities.

• Customer Reach- One can target large number of prospective customers at one go. People are more active on social platforms. one need not to necessarily go to a shop or outlet to buy something. you can shop sitting at home while ample of options are available for you where you can choose and compare.

• User-interface- It is very user-friendly and customized as well. Customer can create their own account and get regular updates about the products or the services.
• Omnipresence- Its reach is widespread which helps in building a brand through constant advertisement and reminders. Cross promotion helps in a great way to increase followers.

• Customer Interaction- It can help in maintaining long-term relationship with customer unlike traditional means of sales and marketing. Regular communication can be maintained with customers through mails and invites.

• Customer Services- Replying promptly and instantly to customer's query and feedbacks. It helps building faith of the customer in the brand and services. A happy customer becomes a loyal one and has potential to bring in new customers.

• Building Relationships- Having good customer relations is a key to run a successful business. To start with, having accounts on all popular websites such as Face book, twitter, instagram can help in creating a large number of followers.

• Maintaining Brand- Regular interactions with loyal customers leads them to post about it on other platforms. More people talking about a thing on social media will attract more customers towards the particular brand.

• Immediate Impact- Have a new product launch or video? No need to wait for right time to unveil it. one need not to necessarily spend money and time on that. It can be done with few clicks and would reach to a larger audience within fractions of seconds.

• Effective Strategy for start up's- Starting a new business? No need to spend lots of money on advertising. Just create a website and start posting about your product or services.

• Demands Time- It is time-consuming if you need results through it. Creating a social media account, regular posts, videos and real-time responses are required to keep visitors attracted which in turn takes a lot of time.

• Adverse Effects- Since this medium is so fragile, and cannot be restricted to certain set of people. One has to deal with pessimistic and contradictory feedbacks as well. There is lack of control over what others are posting.

• Short Life span- Whatever is posted on website fades away quickly with time. Every now and then a new post replaces the old one.

• Risk- It requires a constant check on what is being updated and posted on social platforms. Because any negative comment or post which is misunderstood can go viral and can hamper brand image. In turn, which can lead to loss of loyal customers and potential buyers as well.

• Threat from malpractices and malware- There is a continuous threat of brand hijacking, account hacking, viruses and malware, which can lead to malfunctioning of the website. If hacked by some anti-social people can cause serious damage to brand image as they can post anything on behalf of the account holder.

Social Media Marketing is important tool in marketing strategies these days. If it is used with right objectives, goals and channel tactics, than it can do wonders to your business. It can bring in more customers; traffic and conversions. Keeping in mind all the cons it has, because if something is coming with lot of benefits than demerits will come along with it.

It is unlike other traditional marketing strategies but brings real value to company. Being a low-cost tactics it has actually changed the marketing scenario. Keeping in mind the future of business marketing, social media is going to play an important role as most of the businesses are going virtual. Even the traditional businesses have started adapting these new age marketing tools. Future lies in Social Media Marketing.

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