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Proofreading is made up by combining to different words 'Proof' and 'Reading', proof stands for evidence or certification of a document. The proof is a way of verifying or cross checking to reports to check out mistakes and errors. Reading means to read or to study a way to gather knowledge. The combined meaning of proofreading refers to reading and verifying a document. The printers mostly use this. To detect the errors done while typing or transferring the data. In other words, proofreading is a way of finding errors and correcting them. There are various methods by which an individual or a firm can do this proofreading.

Proofreading is introduced when people start facing problems while reading the books or papers. It was first introduced in newspapers office to correct the grammatical, formation, spelling and may more errors. In the ancient or traditional time, it is done by holding the right paper with the one copied and specialized persons are being hired for reading the content. Once he marks the corrections the proof is a return to the typist to correct all the mistakes done. But even after this sometimes some errors are being missed by the proofreader. Eventually, double cross checking system is introduced where the same proof is read by to specialised persons who detect errors and after that, it is corrected.

All this took lots of time and due to this sometimes some important information gets delayed. As time changes so as the technology after the introduction of computers, various inventions are taking place the day after the other. Some inventions like scanning where the data is stored into the system automatically corrected by the computer. Different checklists are made to rectify the error. As the time changes the new and better inventions are introduced for better results. Automatic correction of an error or highlighting the mistaken parts is some of the common ways of proofreading these days. Even today at the time of competitive examination thousands of children appear for the same exam. To check all the sheets in very, less duration without any error lots of new software's are invented like the ginger software it corrects grammatical errors automatically, plagiarism or Copyscape which highlights the content copied from other sources.

These are just a few most common ways used by the individuals in the present world. Many more ways are there like self-proofreading where an individual can read the proof itself. Another way is opting for digital proofreading by downloading software mentioned above or by hiring an expert for it.

As every coin has two sides proofreading also create some problems for students. Student these days are always in a hurry they didn't get enough time to complete each step of writing properly. Proofreading is a task where a person or computer read and mark mistakes from saved content. There are chances that the way of writing is different, but the answer is clear which may cause a problem for a student.

It is always advised to a student to do the proofreading of their work, but proofreading is not an easy task to do. The student has written the best of his knowledge sometimes he/she they might found some errors like a spelling error or grammatical error, but if they fail to find so, all are marked by the proofreader or the teacher.

Sometimes if there is proofreading of a particular book or a chapter, it becomes difficult for a student to rectify all the errors. Which cause an issue for the student that he/she stuck in the middle and found difficult to find the solution for the same.

It becomes difficult for people who are multilingual as they face difficulties while translating it into the required language. Not only this, it creates problems when a proofreader starts proofreading with a reference. It is not necessary that reference matches with what a student said.

Punctuation can also cause problems to a student. It is possible that he/she might change the pattern or place of words or punctuations. In proofreading, the proofreader will judge it according to the proof provided. Style can also effect if the student increases or decrease the limit of words or number of words then it might cause the problem while proofreading. One major problem is due to abbreviations sometimes students use wrong abbreviations, or there could be an issue in understanding by the proofreader.

All the above stated can be overcome if a proofreader read the documents correctly not completely from the proof. By taking in the notice that he/she should once read and try to understand what a student want to convey. Another way to solve it could be providing options in proofreading by making bullets showing important points which are to be mentioned in the document. offers proofreading assignment help and homework help online. We provide expert's assistance 24x7 hour and they teach you how to write proofreading homework or assignments. We prepare your homework with best quality content with no plagiarism and our experts are helping students to achieve high grade providing proficient service in writing proofreading assignments.

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