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How does standardized testing affect student dropout rates

How does standardized testing affect student dropout rates?

The tests under question are termed as Standardized Test for the sole reason that during the tests all students answer the same questions under the similar test conditions and are scored in a similar manner.

The regime of standardized testing was brought forth with the No Child Left Behind law that came into force in 2002. This law basically required the scores to evaluate the quality of schools which seemed to be a good choice at that time. However, the picture is not so rosy at it was perceived at that time. The dropout rates that were steadily declining soon began to rise immediately after the implementation of the act.

As the luck would have it, instead of bringing down the school dropout rates the system increased it. The same has been attributed to many issues.  Foremost being schools dissuading weak students from taking the tests. Since the only way to get a good result in the standardized test is to repetitively practice for a test which is a very time-consuming and teacher intensive process. This prohibits the students from appearing in the examsthereby effectively making the weak students in the school to ensures that such a situation never arises. It provides assistance to the students at every step.

The testing carries major consequences as many states require one to pass the test to get a high school diploma and failures are forced to repeat the term or grade.  It is felt that standardized testing doesn't allow the teachers to teach according to their strengths and forces the children to learn in a way which is resentful and very similar to AsianEducation System which is more orthodox and rigid. Incase astudentfails a test and is forced to repeat his grade, he undergoes emotional damage and suffers theloss of esteem and interest in the learning and thereby will effectively drop ensures that such a problem never affects students by providing a great way to ace the scores. At the students are made to understand a lesson or a particular topic in a very effective manner. A student is provided with all the reasoning and understanding to assimilate the  content.

Many also feel that the Standardized Test may not be the measure of a student's intelligence because it is a structured testing environment which may not be favorable to all the students. Also, using the standardized testing system to measure the capability of the school may provide reasonably wrong data. The testing process is also not aligned to the educational requirements of the non-English speaking community and the minority population. They are generally found to be unfair and discriminatory. ensures that sufficient material and explanation is provided to the students to come up to an acceptable level of any test preparation.It provides the best that it can, to uplift the students' understanding of the subjects.

In an attempt to get better scores on astandardized test, schools are  generally teaching what would help the students in getting a better score and not what is required to be learned. Subjects like Art, Music, and P.E are taking a beating because of less emphasis being given to them. As most of these tests don't form a part of the standardized tests.Important skills like conducting lab experiments and writing research papers which cannot be tested in standardized tests are given amiss. Most students do not get through the agony of these tests easily as many are affected by exam anxiety and just are unable to express their knowledge on a standard structured test. Say bye to anxiety and simply express yourself with the website to ease you along the way. It helps you with all the assignments, research papers, and projects, whatever the subject be.

Learning generally also depends on the quality of teachers in schools and the real learning can only come when teachers teach freely. In the current scenario, teaching has been merely reduced to a testing process. Low motivation level of teachers effectively translates to low levels for the students and thereby increasing dropouts. aims to effectively address this issue of theabsence of good teachers by effectively providing the best and the highly motivated teachers online. The solutions provided by the teachersand experts at are the easiest to understand with lucid explanations.

Most schools attribute the dropout increase situation to the socio-economic and the home situation of the students. Schools fail to understand that it is these children, who come from weak social backgrounds, who require the support of education to ensure their upward mobility in life and in society. ensures that the assignments, homework, projects are provided to the students at the minimal prices.

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