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Book Review

Book review develops the passion for reading and critical thinking in the students. It requires the students to write their opinion about the book. They can support the author's ideas or criticise it. Writing book review is fun. Students get to do multiple of thinks. They get to read the book, highlight the climax and discuss the characters. Sometimes, teachers ask the students to recreate the ending. For this, students get to use their imagination and explore their ideas and actuate it. Book report is not boring or hectic as many students say it to be. When a person reads, it keeps him or her mentally occupied. Their minds can imagine the setting, characters and the scene. They get to play it in their minds like a movie. But the difference is that the reader is the director and gets to choose the setting, characters and the scene! So many great books for students. They are of various genres such as adventure, fantasy, science fiction, action, drama, and horror, etc. Reading helps students to develop their vocabulary, improve their spoken language and writing skills. It promotes a sense of evaluation and responsibility.

The Problems faced by a Student for writing book review Assignment

Writing is not easy. Students may agree that they don't have the right flow of ideas; they say that after writing a sentence or two, they don't know what to write. Students find it difficult to relate to the book or story. They don't find it interesting or captivating. Other problems which students experience are:

-    Finding the right book to read and write about

-    Getting started

-    Not finding the energy to read

-    Reading is a waste of time (it's annoying)

-    Can't write as other students do

-    It's too much

Students have a mountain of problems. And right on top of it is the mood. Students are moody, and they prefer to do what they like. Moreover, they find reading and writing book reports to be controlling! Reading is not at all boring. Many students love to read and are called bookworms!

Tips to Write Book Review

Writing a book review is a piece of cake!  Students can easily write book reports when they have read the book. They can go through the summary at the back of the book or the sleeve to how writing can be used to captivate the reader to purchase the book. Moreover, they can use it to describe the book and the story. Here are some helpful tips for students:

1.    Format - the teacher usually gives a format or outline as to how the book report is to be written. The normal format is as an introduction, summary, highlight the characters, and write the climax or plot, and conclusion. Sometimes, teachers want students to opinionate about the ending.

2.    Organize - students should make points while reading. They can sit with a small notebook and write down the ideas or concepts which they liked. It proves very helpful in book report writing.

3.    Summary - this incorporates the characters, setting, plot and outline of the book. It's an all in one. Students can make the summary interesting by using their ideas. They have to think a lot.

4.    Discuss - students can freely express what they liked in the story; which character they like the best; their favourite part of the book; and whether they found the climax appealing or not.

5.    Likes/Dislikes - this can go in the discussion. Students can criticise or approve of the story and the style. They can highlight their opinion about the ending or recreate it.

6.    Theme - students should try to find out what the theme is or the main idea of the story. The best way of figuring out the theme is by seeing the genre and the plot.

7.    Proofread - students should proofread their work to see that the points which they want to discuss have highlighted. They can make the necessary changes, add more information or erase it.

By writing book review, students can develop writing skills. They can even take up a career as an author or editor. Students shouldn't regard book report as a task or burden. They should take it in their learning stride and develop their skills in it. Reading and writing book reports helps the students to think. It develops the skill of thinking and letting their ideas and thoughts flow. Moreover, it helps build ideas to write creative essays and probably their book. offers you book review assignment help and homework help service. Our writers will provide you quality content after analyzing complete book content and will write a full review on based on book content that will help you to achieve  A+ grade in your college homework or assignment.

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