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How to Make a Great Speech and Improve Presentation Skills

Speech and Presentation

Speech and presentation is defined as a direct interpersonal communication. In simple words, this can be stated that the speaker is having a direct face-to-face relationship with the audience. The speaker is the sender of the message and the audience is the receiver of the same. Apart from words, it also body language. In speech and presentation, there is only one-way flow of information. There is no exchange of dialogue or ideas. The speaker says whatever he has to say and it's up to the audience to make up their mind (to agree or disagree). Speech and presentation is common in lecture halls of colleges and universities; political daises and public rallies. The audience response with claps, cheers, whistles and hoots. Technologies such as videos and projectors are also used in presentations. In video conferencing, it's possible for the speaker from a different country to reach out to the audience who are in another country. Students also design their speeches and presentations on computers using the Microsoft Power Point software. This way they are able to make their exposition interesting and appealing. While presentation itself says a lot, a lot of value or importance also goes to the script. A great speech should catch the attention of the audience. It should hold them in place and make them think and question. Through this, they will be able to take a stance. Many great businessmen and politicians have entranced their audience with effective words.

How to Make a Great Speech

To make a successful and great speech, you have to keep it short and simple. The fact is that people will not remember what you have said. Know the audience beforehand. Try to find out what the audience feels and wants and put the formalities aside. You have to reach out to them and get your message across. Here are a few tips for making a great speech:

Awesome Introduction: it's best to catch the audience's attention in the very beginning. You can make a great introduction by talking about something interesting, something that appeals to the audience. You can use an anecdote or a quote.

- Organize: plan out what you have to say. Make sure it is divided into three parts, introduction, body and conclusion. You can use examples to make the message clear and precise.

Be Confident: be poised. Don't show that you are falling apart. Hold yourself together. Make small jokes with the audience. Stay in control and take charge. The audience is there to listen to your say. Take advantage of it.

Content: go through what you have to say. Don't bore the audience with something which has already been said. It has been observed that the audience stays put when they find a connection with what the speaker is saying. Give them something new to hear and think about. Every word counts.

Always remember that you don't need to be a great personality to attract the audience. Anyone can do it, you can do it. You just have to keep a few things in mind and work towards it. Prepare for it in advance. Make the necessary changes if you have to. Get to know the audience. Try to interact with them and see as to how they feel and try to make a difference with your speech. 

Improve Presentation Skills

Presentations usually involve talking to a group of people, it may be your colleagues, peers or like-minded people. You can utilize visual aids such as projectors and Microsoft PowerPoint slides to make your presentation attractive. Here you can list down the main points for the audience to read. Other ways you can improve your presentation is by:

-  Using data and graphs: the audience usually get bored with words. Use graphs and data to show them your point. If you are using Microsoft PowerPoint slides use only ten slides.

-  Message: always keep the presentation simple. At the most discuss three points. Avoid highlighting more than three points because it becomes too much for the audience to handle.

-  Interact: don't just stand there! Interact with the audience through eye contact, use appropriate gestures and smile when need. This helps in building a rapport.

-  Confident: down get nervous. Feel that you are part of the audience and are telling them something important. Relax and breathe.

Speech and presentation helps in boosting the speaker's confidence. It builds their image and gives them a good feeling. The key to making a great speech and presentation is to knowing the audience.

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