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Poetry is the execution and interpretation of words. It arouses emotions and thinking. Not a proper definition though! Poetry is very difficult to define. Used in every culture and by all walks of life, poetry uses creativity. It breaks the bounds of grammar. Many students might find this fascinating and awkward at the same time. When you initially read a poem, it may not make sense. But if you read it again with an open mind, the writing will begin to make sense. Then you will admire the way the author has structured it verse by verse. This is one of the many reasons which make poetry attractive. Creative writers prefer to write poetry as they get to bend rules and use their imagination. If you go through history, you will find that many prominent writers used poetry as a tool to gain freedom and free of discrimination. They discussed social issues, atrocities, racism, poverty, and colonialism etc. in their writings. It touched the hearts of masses. Poetry is very much part of education. Schools and colleges use it to increase the students' knowledge, and skills. It also helps in expanding their vocabulary. Moreover, it makes the students think and analyse. Poetry gives them the opportunity to be a critic, whether they appreciate it or criticize it, it's entirely their choice. If they choose to criticize, then they should come up with good arguments. But many students don't like poetry. They find it senseless, tricky and confusing. Students are not able to use their minds creatively. found that because of poetry, students lag behind in their overall grades.

Students Find Poetry Difficult

Many students find poetry daunting. They find it strange, deep, and too intense. They cannot connect with it. The rhythms and lyrical language adds to their confusion. The utmost reason to their dilemma is that students don't have much time to understand poetry. They have other subjects to study and activities to participate in. Poetry needs time to comprehend. Many teachers rush through verses, expecting the students to keep pace. And teachers also don't have the time to answer questions or do an in-depth study because they are running out of time to complete the syllabus. This makes the students feel indifferent. They don't take interest in the subject, and if they had interest, it slowly fizzles out. Students find poetry:

-  Alienating: there's no scope for them to think or brainstorm. They feel out of place and cannot express themselves in the required manner.

- Uncertain: students lack confidence to use poetry language. They don't find it engaging and interactive. Students are not able to understand it.

Literal: many students feel that poetry is absolute. This is because they don't know how to interpret through prose and metaphors. They don't know what to make out of the jargons.

Boring: this is because they lack creativity. They don't give their mind a run for it. The students cannot see beyond the words in their textbooks! 

Poetry is a form of creative expression. It portrays the situation by playing with words. helps students with their poetry assignments. The organization has a team of experts who know the subject matter quite help. Students can get the much needed help here.

Tips to Better Understanding Poetry

Poetry is not as difficult as students make it out to be. With a bit of well spent time and understanding, students can grasp it. Poetry brings out the best in everyone. Some people use poetry to express their pain, loss and happiness. Some use it describe their true feelings and emotions; and some use it like therapy to get over the past. Moreover, poetry gives students the opportunity to rebel by not using grammatical rules like capitalization, and punctuation etc. Here are some tips to help students understand poetry:

  • Read it aloud - by doing so, students will be able to feel the rhythm and the flow. It will intrigue and fascinate them. Moreover, it will create curiosity to know more.
  • Analyse - break down the poetry and try to analyse it. Go through the jargons and try to understand. Students can do this in groups to make it interesting. It will bring about a flow of ideas. The group members will have different ideas. If they still face problems, ask the teacher or lecturer to explain.
  • Appreciate - the thing about cracking poetry is appreciation. If the student doesn't appreciate the writing then boredom and disinterest will hit them.

Poetry brings out the creativity in each and every one. It leaves readers fascinated. Poetry brings out the artistic talent.

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