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Universities Crime Rates-Are Students Being Misled

University Crime Rates : Are Students Being Misled

University is a place where talent of student is nurtured and overall development youth take place. They are committed to excellence for student future. Universities are honed to provide the best possible direction for their life and career. In university students creates their never ending journey of new goals, accomplishment's and accolades.

As we are progressing towards the 2st century, where university are taking a new mode in students life. As with increasing crime rates in university, students are misleading from their path. From the last few years, there is dynamic incrementoccur in crime violence. Campus crimeis now become a serious problem, which need to think.

US government has launched Act 73 for highlighting the campus crimes regularly, so that university administrations can take vigorous steps to control over them. As the Act 73 was hailed, several crime rates had been mean emerged out and also serious steps has taken towards victims to provide a safer environment in university arena.

Parents send their children with a hope that child future is going to build in the universities. Bigger a university the brighter will be his/ her future, but it's now opposite the more big university, the bigger crime is found.

If crime occurs in such scale, it is also affecting the grade of university also. Students who are studying there, just because large violence rates. They stop attending lectures. They are walking away from university which was completely misleading the students from their life. There future is insecure.

Administration authority must take a special attention to control over violence, generally girls who are facing sexual abashment in college campus. Sexual violence is a shame towards society n university.

Mostly high volume crimes occurring at university level-

Property Burglary- Property burglary is a crime which consists of offences like burglary, larceny, theft, motor vehicle, arson, shoplifting and vandalism etc. Are highly occurring in university campus. These crimes are completely destroying student's life also.

Sexual Offences-Sexual harassment in the field of education is an unwelcome behavior of a sexual nature which generally interferes with a student's ability to learn study, work or participate in school activities. Sexual offences and molestation involves a range of behavior from mild annoyances to sexual assault and rape. This brutality misleading the students for university at highest scales (Dzeich, Billie Wright et al.,1990).

Personal Robbery- Crime such as cash, electronic items, power tools, cameras, jewelry are mostly targets in personally robbery violence. These are threatening occurring crimes in college campus.

Grievous Bodily Harmed-Bodily harm to any person due to some intention of competition or with intent to resist or prevent the lawful apprehension or detainer of any person shall be guilty of felony.It can be being convicted for a liable which kept in penal servitude for life of the students( Cross, Rupert,1995)

Violent crimes-Violence is type of a brutal monstrosity which is killing humanity. In this crime generally, either offender uses or threaten upon victim forcefully. The objective of violence crime is probably murdered or just end of one's life to hide things. This felony may or may not commitwith weapons.Violence crimes depend on judiciary decisions. It varies from homicide to annoyance. These crimes generally consists of flight hijackers, rapist, murderer,criminals,robbers, desperados, bombers, arsonist, crooks etc.(Truman, Jennifer; Langton, 2014).

Through over all study of all the crimes we should think over the situation to control over crimes. The universities are the platform of education, development and achieving higher goals in life, where the leader of future are formed. If such higher crimes occur in huge amount then what will be the future of world. It will be kind of threatening if we just think about this situation by writing acts and putting hands over it the time to take action based on law to completely eradicate these miseries from universities where thousands of life are destroying just in the fear of violence. Sexual harassments and molestation are brutal violence in which only girls are survivor but now day's boys are going to be harassed through sexual abuse.

Therefore necessary actions must be taken to rid the university campus from such abolition. Every university must have crime control departments. The Department of Public Safety in university must form which are committed to enhancing campus safety and reducing crime.As many proactive strategies has been implemented by the department and university to create a safe place to study, work and live.These strategies generally include:

v Creation of a database to track crime patterns occurring on and around university campus.

v Formation of crime calendarto anticipate potential increases in crime in order to allocate needed resources.

v Increased number of police officers and security officers in entire campus,

v Educational campaign to raise awareness about campus safety with enact ion as everyone has right to speak against injustice and non-violence.

v Enhanced street lighting and camera in university campus

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