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Essay Writing Techniques to Make It Flow Smoothly and Cohesively

Essay Writing Techniques to Make It Flow Smoothly and Cohesively!


The essay is a piece of writing written by a writer in his words. The essay narrates the writer's view on the particular topic. The essay writing can be basically divided into four categories:

Narrative Essays-   The narrative essay basically tells a story which is in real life or experience of the writer.

Descriptive Essays- The descriptive essay, as a name suggests describes anything be it an object, place, experience or anything.

Expository Essays- The expository essay is an essay about any topic in which writer presents the facts.

Persuasive Essays- In persuasive essays the writer persuades readers about the topic.

The essay writing is very important part of student's circular; it is expected that the essay written by them are cohesive and smooth. The students face many challenges while writing an essay. Let's look at these challenges briefly.

Challenges in Essay writing:

The initial challenge the students face while writing an essay is way to give it a start so that the topic of discussion

Initiates curiosity among the readers

The essay should have proper division, having clear sections of introduction, the main body and conclusion. The students are able to divide these sections but are not able to justify them; for example, the writer should first just introduce the topic of the essay in general, next the main body of the essay should contain the core topic of discussion. Lastly, in conclusion, no new point should be introduced. It should be the just conclusion of the main topic.

The written use of the vocabulary also plays a very important role in an essay. While writing an essay the writer must use the right choice of words. The students are not able to choose the right words many times.

As the English language is represented by the alphabets ABC and more, in the same way, the perfect essay is represented by the proper grammar and the right spellings. Even if the essay is written with great thoughts and quotes but if it contains the grammatical error or wrong spellings; the motive of writing a good essay gets defeated.

An essay should be written cohesively; this is another most important point which writer needs to remember. The thoughts of the writer should be like the food served neatly in plate separating all the eatables; in the same way, the essay should have each thought of writer clearly expressed, the clear demarcation of all ideas.

The above points are the do's and don'ts of an essay which becomes the challenge in one way or other for a student. Mentioning the requirement of the essay is very easy but for the student, it becomes very difficult to keep all the points in their mind every-time while writing an essay. As discussed earlier that the essay constitutes an important role in the academic calendar. The teachers choose the subjects of the essay extensively for the students. Each topic requires a lot of research for writing which demands a lot of time and energy of student. No doubt the most important thing to remember is that the essay writing is not the only thing which student has to do, they have to perform well in a test, finish other assignments and so on.

So students seek for help in essay writing which can solve their problems.

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