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Changes in USA Education System

Changes in USA Education System:

Education is no more about grades and medals. It is the holistic development of the child mentally and physically. Every institution is responsible to mold its students in a healthy manner. By molding, I mean without tampering one's common sense and creativity. Today it is all about surviving. There is an old saying which says "Survival of the Fittest". Children today cannot withstand extra work, pain, changes in weather and what not? Are they so fragile or do we make them fragile?

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The answer to this is , we make them fragile. A child should explore experiment, fall and learn. It does not mean that there should be no interference at all, but it should not disturb the child's learning. The parents or the teacher here has to monitor whether the child's activities and learning's are healthy.

When do we reform or change anything? When we know things are not working or when the desired results are not delivered. Similarly, education system too should be revised time to time. It should be upgraded and should be used to teach how to live rather than "earn". Coming to the topic, the major changes in US education system are:

  • Being Creative and Exploring: According to No Child Left Behind Program, schools and institutions were advised to initiate programs r develop assessments which would develop higher order skills, usage of technology, solving real life problems and communication skills. Here all the examples given are indirect examples of exploring and creativity. The child's curiosity is increased and is made to learn rather than being spoon fed.
  • Improving the standard of education and funding: Again under No Child Left Behind program, the standard of education in whole of US is targeted. Critical subjects like math, science and languages are given prominence and taught. But the question is all accessible to this? No. Efforts are being made to make sure every student has better access to schools, laboratories and libraries for their studies. Not only is that uniformity also maintained to make sure no discrimination happens.
  • Increased Accountability: Here, it is made mandatory for the institutions and schools to pass yearly tests to asses' student's improvement. These yearly standardized tests determine the percentage of schools living up to the required standards. If the school or the institution fails to perform, the funds granted are decreased. This in turn initiates better, healthy and creative ways to teach and improve the education system and the nation.

The changes mentioned here are few. These laws may be amended or replaced, but for a person to live a decent life minimum education is a must. The ways or means by which everyone can afford quality education has to be paid attention for any nation to dvelop.


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