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Facts about Impacts of Early College Model that will blow your mind

Facts about Impacts of Early College Model that will blow your mind

College is an educational institution or an organized group of professional people with particular aims, duties and privileges. It is an institution of higher learning, after the completion of school. Here you can learn according to your interest in specific field or subject. It's an institution of higher learning that imparts bachelor's degree in liberal arts or science or commerce.

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Early College provides students the opportunity to receive degrees after grade X in some cases, as if a student does diploma in engineering then one may get directly admission in bachelor in engineering. It will save one from the pressure of entrance examination after XII as well as they can do according to their own interests. It should be like that the individuals can do whatever they want according to their interests in a particular sector.

Early College Model is a model of reforming school and it targets the students who want to leave the school at early age due to so many factors like finances, job at a low age, population, big families and so on. It is like binding of school and colleges and parents have to take one independent decision for an individual's career. This model mixes the high school and college education together to enable students to graduate with high school diploma and college degree. It is like a partnership between schools and colleges that allows students to learn diploma for two years and then graduation with a technical or professional courses. It provides opportunity to receive high school diploma and degree together. It saves the time as well as degree is also achieved by the student. It helps a lot in improving the graduation rates of students. It provides a complete and intense curriculum supported by innovative ways of technology which keep in mind the needs of learner. The syllabus is challenging and flexible according to individual's ability. It helps an individual to pursue a career of their choice after completion of diploma-degree duo.

Elements of Early College Model are:

1. Diploma and assurance of degree along with it.

2. Strong partnership between school and college

3. Curriculum is interconnected

4. Student centered education

5. Learning environment

Merits of early High College Model:

1. Same campus for same kind of education

2. Curriculum instructions are properly given for instructor

3. Objectives are decided earlier

4. No physical transition for degree colleges

5. Less cost

6. Individual attention

7. Strong academics

8. Engagement in work which is important

9. No stress for filing of admission procedure repeatedly

10. Sincere commitment for an institution

11. Free to enroll at any stage

12. No wastage to time

13. Innovative way for degree

14. Save Money

15. Focused on students to direct college way

16. Good for those students who have less opportunity in life.

17. It makes education accessible for those who really want to have it and pursue career in particular field in future.

18. Management of time efficiently done by students

19. Lots of support from facilitators and experts

20. Freedom for students

21. Rules and Regulations are maintained for students.

22. Smoother transition for students

It is a college educational program strategically prepared and designed to fulfill the needs of students. It helps in developing confidence and student centered education that makes student pride of their skills. It leads an individual to live in a real world where they can experience their books learning concept into reality. It empowers the skills of success of students for today as well as for future with the project based learning. The knowledge gained with this method is life-long learning.

It is practical based learning and real life experience. It is beneficial for the low income parents as after completion of course students have higher chance of getting job. It is good for those individuals who are ready to face challenging situations in their life.

Drawbacks of Early College Model:

1. Rigorous curriculum, difficult for all individuals to manage

2. Some students are not able to cope with the freedom in education they are given at early stage.

3. Students may not be able to adapt with the changing environment

4. Exposure to mature content at early age

5. Improper selection of universities in a hurry

6. Degradation in level of scholastic students

7. Not suitable for all types of students

8. Not able to meet social needs

9. It is a right decision to get admitted in this college for those who really want to pursue their career in particular field

10. Proper attendance check up is mandatory as students can bunk the class.

11. Active participation of students may not be there as they are in adolescence age.

12. Lots of homework and hard work is required

13. Expectation level is very high

14. Diversity of individuals in a particular course

15.College-bound mentality develops in students

16.No experience of high school

17.Early exposure of college life

Early admission in high school makes you feel secure for future or upcoming years and more comfortable as well as security of admission in college. It allows the students to attend college as well as to attain opportunity for job at early age as compare to other individuals. It increases the hurriedness of students to get education and complete their graduation in less time. It also provides academic support to the students and helps them to learn at a faster pace. It provides flexible hours to study and they can also earn money while studying. In this, main focus was on individuals from grade IX to XII who are at a higher risk of dropping out from school or wants to complete college earlier. Motivation is a key for all the students which can open up all the locks for their success. There is a specific evaluation procedure and the one who is regular can pass the examination easily and can achieve the success. It's mandatory for the parents to pay visit to the institution in which they are enrolling their kids.

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