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Ideas for writing for college applications

Ideas for writing for college applications

After or during high school college students keep asking the question to them that why a college education is important and why exactly they need it. Sometimes it might even get an excellent idea to join a job after high school. They also might find the idea of joining college repelling by the rising cost of tuition. But the simple most answer to this question is "opportunity". With the changed economy system it is hard for a high school graduate to get a high-paying job that was available once. Countries like the United States is not a manufacturing-based economy anymore but an economy based on innovation or knowledge. Hence the importance of college education has increased significantly than it used to be. It opens more opportunities and options for a person. The other reason is that only college education can give chances to hear from the top most knowledgeable persons in the one's subject of interest. Not only that it opens a whole new world, where people for way more background comes into one spot, hence it becomes a new life-learning experience as well (Ishop 2008).

A combination of all of these steps actually can impress the admission committee and thus can help a student get into college.

There should be two stages for writing a college admission essay. First is the planning and second is the writing the essay according to the planning.

1.    Planning the Essay:

The first step is to understand the admission committee. They always will like to have students who will succeed. If your high school works that you always have been serious about your studies and have taken a big range of courses that it must be highlighted.

The student should try to make them distinct from other students. If they have some unique experience like knowing multiple languages, good at sports, have been a part of social services or community services then all of that must be included in the essay.

One of the vital things is to include that how the learning experience can contribute to the student as well to the University. The application should include that why the student wants to learn the subject area that the student is applying into.

2.    Writing the essay:

Writing the essay should have couple of steps:

The first is to introduce with all specific details. All academic and other achievements (any special ones is a must) should be mentioned elaborately.

The second step is to elaborate why the particular study area was chosen. What influenced to choose this area. For example which books, articles, novel or even what situation of life would be an excellent idea to include in the essay?

The third step is to mention the career goals, why this education is so important to the student, what is the plan, what make the student different from other applicants.

But not only achievements, one also should mention the not so successful ventures of life and what was learnt by the experience.

The last part should be the conclusive part of everything. Most importantly how being a part of the prestigious institution can make a difference.

Apart from this, some simple ideas can make the essay unique from others as well. For example the student needs to remember the mission or the vision of the department or more particularly the program they are applying to. The student's goal and the institutional goal should match or at least should come close to each other. If required and if possible visiting the department talking to some of the existing students, faculties and program assistants could help to address this part. Sometimes the website of the program will tell or will mention what they are expecting from a student to write their essays or personal statement. The student must follow those directions.

A good first impression is important for these types of essays. Hence the student needs to be very careful of the typos, spelling errors and grammatical errors. A couple of small mistakes can turn down the application pretty easily. The essay also should be organised, well written, properly readable and strictly professional. It's a good idea to use ornamental English but also it is very much required to keep in mind that it's not the words that impress but the content will impress the admission committee (Akpan and Notar 2012). Also, it's always a good idea to get your essay proofread by someone so that somebody can point out the overlooked mistakes.

 Also pretending yourself as someone else is never a good idea. The admission committee can easily figure this out by reading the application with their vast years and a wide range of experience.

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