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The Qualities of a Great Leader

The Qualities of a Great Leader

The leader is the one who leads. A leader is a person who commands or controls a group or a group of people. Leaders are people who know how to achieve goals and inspire people along the way.  There is no exact definition of leader everyone stays their definition with their respective meaning. To understand it better a definition by a great person's states "Leadership is the ability to not only understand and utilise your innate talents but to also effectively leverage the natural strengths of your team to accomplish the mission. There are no one-size fits all approach, answer key or formula to leadership. Leadership should be the humble, authentic expression of your unique personality in pursuit of bettering whatever environment you are in." - Katie Christy.

It is not easy to become a leader various qualities are needed to become a great leader. The first and the most important quality is "honesty" a leader should be honest. They should never hide any information from the group of people who is listing to them. Everyone is just following his/her instructions if he/she will hide anything from the group that would not be good for them.  Honest and ethical behaviour a key value of any leader.

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A leader should have delegation qualities. A leader should always be preparing for a new upcoming task. They should always be alert and should also know the correct use of his/her powers. Delegation refers to sharing of your power. A leader should be sure before delegating his/her powers. A leader has to look for an accurate person who can handle the responsibility.  The person with delegation power is going to perform on behalf of a leader. A leader has to assure that he/she has assigned the work in right hands. A leader should trust his/her teammates. This trust can be built up by looking at the small works done by the team member for the benefit of the group or society. The key to delegation is identifying the strengths of your team and capitalising on them.

Communicating is an essential need in all the fields and departments. In the same manner, communication is very important for a leader to. A leader should always communicate all big and small decisions taken by him/her for the group or society. A leader should not only talk and discuss his/her views with the elders he/she should share that amongst their team and group and equal rights should be given to everyone to speak or to discuss what is right for the group and what's not. Even it would be more beneficial to train a group of people who will communicate all the ideas and plans with people and gather their opinion. So that a leader can take decision accordingly.

A leader should be encouraging and motivating. A leader should be encouraging he/she should never laugh on the decisions or actions performed by their team members. He should be motivating instead of shouting on the team member a leader should correct them with warm and motivate them to do the assigned task again without committing the same mistake. He should encourage everyone to participate. If believe it is the small, light-hearted moments in the day that help keep our work creative and fresh. One tradition that should be followed is like to do and brings the team closer is to plan together.

Confidence is also an essential quality of a good leader a leader should be confident enough to take decisions. The leader of the group is having all the privilege is the one who has to take final decisions. It is necessary that he/she should be confident enough to take decisions. A leader is to put out fires and maintain the team morale. Keep up your confidence level. Assure everyone that setbacks are natural, and the important thing is to focus on the larger goal. As the leader, by staying calm and confident, he will help keep the team feeling the same.

Commitment is an essential requirement. A leader should have a nature to complete the needed task in the time he/she has committed. It is necessary that a leader should be committed to what he/she has to deliver as it is the responsibility of the leader only to finish the task at the assigned time.

All the above-stated qualities of a leader are equally important and a leader should have this. Except this, a leader should be transparent towards his/her group. He should be patient to handle all the work. He/she is the face of the group so he/she should be intimating the same.

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