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The Essential Ingredient for Success

The Essential Ingredient for Success

Everyone wants to taste success. Accomplishment means different things to people. Some may find success in getting a great job, some in getting into a university of their choice and some in buying a house or car. Success is what you add value to. For example, you may find your baby's first steps a personal achievement. Competition and determination drive you towards it. These can also be defined as ingredients for success. You can create your path by walking alone or following the footsteps of other successful people.

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Here are some essential ingredients for success: 

1.    Standout - do something different. Don't follow the crowd. You will attract people, money and fame by being extraordinary. Be extraordinary in a good way. 

2.    Action - you shouldn't just talk. Words are good, but the action is better. Initiate a start and work towards what you want. If you have problems, ask for help. You should never hesitate to ask. There are many places where you can get help such as workshops, course-programs, blog or a mentor.

3.    Guide - find someone who has already walked the path that you want to take. They can let you on in their secret to success. A guide or a mentor will help you navigate the course. They will tell you how it is and what needs to be done.

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4.    Group - find people who are working towards the same goal. You should form a support group and help each other out. You can listen to the problems and work out solutions. Plus, you can motivate one another.

5.    Strong - you shouldn't get your emotions all over the place. Be a strong person and try to tackle whatever comes your way. Don't lose hope if everything starts crumbling down. Make mistakes and learn from them. This way, you will develop into a better person.

6.    Aim for the stars -nothing is impossible. If you know you can do it, why not. Work towards it; as the Great Renaissance Artist Michelangelo said, 'the greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short, but in setting our aim too low, and achieving our mark'. --- think about it.

7.    Failure - Failure is part of life. You shouldn't be ashamed and scared of it. Failure is the opportunity whereby you pick yourself up and give it a second try. This time, you will know what to do, how to get it was done and more determined than ever.

8.    Deal with losses - lamenting over a loss will get you nowhere. It won't give you instant profit! Unfortunate things occur in life, and some are not worth getting upset about. It is better to learn and move on.

9.    Be Happy - you don't need anyone's permission to be happy. Happiness makes you feel good. It lifts up a person's spirits. You can get happiness from little things in life such as over a nice cup of coffee, or have dinner with a loved one.

10.    Firm Belief - you should have a strong sense of being able to do anything. Don't be scared of something which you haven't even tried. How do you know that you will fall of the bicycle without even getting on it? You should make up your mind. Always be optimistic.

Success doesn't depend on your bank balance or how many cars you have parked in the driveway. Success means different things to different people. Overall, it's about happiness and a sense of tranquillity. You feel peace with your inner self and your surroundings. Love yourself and what you are doing, you will get success. You should always follow your inner voice and heart. If your inner voice says that you should go for that particular business, you should go for it. If you feel, you can do it, you should. Why waste time to get people's approval? If it's in you to start a business, then there should be no stopping. Success comes from within. If you want success, then avoid the following things:

-    Waiting for the right time: there is never a right time. If you want to start with something, then just do it!

-    Approval from others: if you are the kind of person who always waits for the nod from others, then you will never find success. It shows that you are not confident of yourself. You are scared to take the jump.

-    Comparing: stop comparing yourself to others. We are all different individuals with difficult qualities and skills. What may work for others doesn't guarantee that it will work for you.

To succeed, you should lay out your priorities and work towards it. Remember to balance your life with it.

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