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How to Improve your Interpersonal Skills

How to Improve Interpersonal Skills

 Interpersonal Skills are the skills used by an individual to interact with others in a better way. These skills are really important for any individual to work in any industry and to grow as a person in a different way. Now a days to impress anyone or to convenience anyone is not so easy. But everyone is just trying to push another person back. So instead of focusing on that, one should try to convince the individual by talking to them. One must know the way to talk to any individual. As while talking to anyone we need to have politeness in the way of speaking, confidence in the words and fluency in speech, and all these qualities together can be called as Interpersonal skills. A person should always focus on his/her skills. He/she must always try to improve these skills by focusing on only themselves.

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Improving interpersonal skills include some important points like one must be a good listener. An individual should make this a habit that they should always focus on what has been told to them. They should always convey the message in the same way in which it is originated. There should be no manipulation with the message or information. After focusing on listing skills than they should focus on becoming a good speaker as to listen and understand what a person in front of you is trying to say is most important. As if we will listen with full concentration then only we will understand and will be able to answer the person asking it in a more sophisticated way.

Secondly, one should understand the way of non verbal communication. This means facial expression. As it is being said that 60% non verbal communication is being noticed and is the most important part of interpersonal skills. For an instance, if we are saying thank you to anyone, who is doing small things for us and in return if we will add a smile to it, then that will become more valuable and will leave a positive impact on the person in front of us. This simple thank you will motivate the person to work in much better and leaves a good impact of person saying that.

Thirdly, one must definitely has comfortable body language as that makes a lot of difference to the person for making another person comfortable who is standing in front of them. The more one would be comfortable in talking the more easily we can convey our message and can elaborate in a better way. For an example nodding our head while someone is saying something can make that person in front of you more comfortable as that simply conveys the message that you are alerts and are listening carefully. But one should be careful because sometimes these simple messages can be interpreted in wrong way.

Forth, one should be able to recognize cultural norms, which mean understanding and behaving in the cultural way to which other person belong. For better understanding, making an eye contact in finish culture is considered as a sign of being approachable. However, on the other hand in Japanese culture it means a sign of anger. One should focus on their expressions. They must be assured that there should be no wrong interpretation of the actions.

Interpersonal skills play an important role in professional life, as in if one is brilliant at the work and knowledge. However, do not have interpersonal skills may be one can't get far. But it's never too late one can definitely gain some good skills as they are very easy to learn and takes slightest effort. One should always carry a happy face as that not attract others but also helps to be confident. As little smile on a face always shows positivity and people often attract towards positivity.

Learn to appreciate other people's work. If someone has done something which is appreciable don't hold back go ahead and appreciate them as this will not only add confidence in them but will also motivate them to do more such tasks so that they can receive more such appreciations and again this will add more friends to your lists. Learn to be calm and approachable, so that people can approach you easily in case they need your help in any work or in any personal matter, fights and little aggressive conversations is being held everywhere whether it's office, school or home. Try to make those two people have a discussion and solve the matter so that in any such cases people can easily turn up to you. This will add more value to your work and also to you as a person.

It would not be wrong to conclude that one should focus on their interpersonal skills and try to improve it on each step of life.

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