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Biological View On Hypnosis And Whether It Really Works

Biological View On Hypnosis And Whether It Really Works

From the time human being is born, hypnosis is prevailing in nature. It is self-control therapy. But still due to less awareness in public, hypnosis still struggling for its mainstream acceptance in people. Hypnosis is not any type of brainwashing or magic which can change our suffering into joy. It's a trance state of life which heightened our concentration power slowly and dramatically it reduces stress, anxiety and pain from patients' body (American Psychological Association, 2004).   

Basically,hypnosis is a particular condition of the nervous system which induces by fixed andintellectual attention of mental and visual eye, on complete focusing on one particular object. The object must not of an exciting nature. During hypnosis, person takes deep breath, entered into a different place mentally and constantly says himself that I am going to use this adrenaline in my body system to focus on the test (The science of hypnosis, 2014).

In Hypnotic state, few specific suggestions are given patients and images are tried to feed in his mind which profoundly alter his behavior. This therapy is mostly conducted by experienced physiotherapists(American Psychiatric Press, 1987)

As we are discussing about does hypnosis work from biological point of view. Several researcher's have done study about it and stated several actual proof which they have seen in patients. For example,David Spiegel explained as one his patients who was having very high fly business executive. She had put off having achild for many years, as her first preference was her career. As the biological clock had clicked in and she disparately wants to have child but did not able to conceive baby. After several doctors examination for her pregnancy there is no reason evaluate for her infertility. After his hypnosis test, results were out as she had simply find a job of self-hypnosis, which is programming in her body to reject pregnancy.  Again undergoes for hypnosis test to switch off that peculiar part of her body back on and within a couple of months she got pregnant and able to give births to twins (daily This example explained how hypnosis works in today's lifestyle also.

Another example studied as people often think to stop smoking. Every day they determined themselves they will not smoke but does not work on it. After Examining through hypnosis, they are told to quit smoking for hours during this time they will not think of smoking, even they should light up the cigarette, they found its taste was terrible and they want to put it out immediately. Physiotherapists told them to imagery about of being non-smoker; they find themselves as breathier in easier way, more energetic about work, positive enthusiastic towards life. Even think of saving money instead of wasting in smoking. So the deep relaxation of hypnotic trance is beneficial in treatment of many illnesses, muscle tension both in physiological and physical way(O'Connor and Anahad, 2014)

Therefore, hypnotherapy is a very powerful tool having permanent and long lasting effects in many cases. Neither medicine treatment nor any surgery takes place in hypnosis. It's completely a physical and mentally treatment. In Allopathic and homeopathic treatment medicine are given to patients who provide only temporary or urgent relief to body (Segi, 2012).

Once the causes of problem wasidentified in patients,then it canbe easily emanates through thought process. Things change suddenly and relaxation comes fast. Hypnotherapy works completely on thoughts process.

Some of the studies in which byhypnosisseveral heal have done.

Surgical Hypnosis- Surgical hypnosis given during surgical radiology in this procedure not only alleviates patients from pain and anxiety but also reduces complications and shortens its surgical time also

Cancer Hypnosis - Generally cancer patients suffer from nausea and vomiting between before and after chemotherapy treatment. Hypnosis helps in diminishes sickness of pre-chemotherapy from them (Spiegel and Moore,1997).

Immunity Hypnosis- During immunity hypnosis helps in significantly raising the activity of both the B-cells and T-cells. Both these cells are key of immune system (Kroger and William, 1977).

Pain free Pregnancy-During labor pain by hypnosis pregnant women's not only diminishes her pain but also enjoy the birth of her child. Moreover, they remain energetic throughout the delivery.

Self - Hypnosis-Self-hypnosis was greatly successful in 169 patients by diminishing their chronic tension occurring in headaches (Vickers, Andrew, Zollmanet al.,1999).

Hence, there are several studies which have been successfully able to proof the biological activity of hypnosis treatment by their successful studies and experiments. Hypnosis test can only be at success if it is performed by experienced trainers, doctors and physiatrist or therapist.

Sometimes, mental and physical exercise can also bring big shift towards life. Hypnosis is same type of treatment which works on nervous system of body without causing damage to any tissue, cell and organ of our body.  

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