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How to shape the minds of today's children

How to shape the minds of today's children?

Children's of recent times are not as the same children like use to back in 90's. We witnessed all the changes during our times and for the today's children, they were not in the transition period instead they were the one who just accepted the changes the way they were served. Today's children know a lot more than us. Sometimes, they even over smart an adult too. It is a good thing to see these kids as a smart and intelligent individual at such young age. They have exposed to the latest technologies and all the changes. But with all these, question arrives that if all these are helping them grow into a good person? I mean the technology the gadgets they get to learn at such early age are being used in a right manner? Are they learning things to become a good person?

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Such questions are normal if you are thinking about it. Today's children are smart and grab everything thrown towards them in less time, be it good or bad. So, seeing the things they are grabbing is good or not is in our hands and we have to keep a watching it.

The mind of a child we know is like an empty vessel, whatever we put in it, they learn from it, and it stays with them for the lifetime. The question arrives how we can shape their minds so that they can grow into a good human.

First of all, expose your child to the right things, good habits, good gestures and good morals. Keep an eye on what sort of people he or she is with. When you see their behaviour is going on the wrong side, make them understand that what is good and what is a bad thing are.

Kids don't know about any difference, respect that, and don't make them learn to play with only the kinds of same status or anything like that. Even if you are in favour of this, you should change your mind too. Keep your child away from differentiating on the basis of caste, gender or race. Remember they are the future, with such thinking, we can imagine only differences in our future among people which is not right.

Don't teach them the common stereotypes. Keep them away from such things; let them decide things on their own. But take care of the things they decide finally.

Engage them in good activities, show them the importance of playing physically not on the internet as nowadays children just stay at home and play on a mobile phone or laptops. Keep them aware of the physical fitness; it will make their mind more healthy and confident.

Apart from that, if you see your child is constantly in touch with the gadgets or the internet, keep an eye on them. Make them use those in a limit.  Many ways you can prevent them from using the internet continuously. You can lock the system too.

Growing up a child may be a tough work to do, but your awareness can result in a good or a bad human. From starting if you'll keep an eye on your child's activity like, what is he/she watching, what he/she is playing, how he/she is behaving with others and many more things. If you being a parent can keep a watch on all this you are contributing to making a better world. As these children are our future, they will make the world a better place to live only if they are grown in one good human.

Don't teach them the rubbish stereotypes or anything which is inhumane. Don't make them learn the differences. There is a line I saw on the internet that says that "the children will be with everyone until unless parents tell them not to". A child's mind is pure and has the love for all. So instead of teaching them hatred we should show them the positive and good side of the world and things. Do tell them the difference between good and bad but don't let them think within the limits. Let them explore the world. Tell them the importance of studies and assist your child with his/her studies. Tell them education is the base for everything one wants to become in his/her future.

Shaping a child's brain is easy and complicated at the same time. You'll get what to invest. Water their mind with goodness and humility and they will grow in a good human and if you water their mind with hatred and bad deeds, they will turn in a bad human. That's you have been with them on every step of their life. And make them a good human for a better future.

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