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Challenges in Education - A Student’s EyeView

Challenges in Education: A Student's Eye-View

Education is the need of ours. It is not only giving an opportunity to get jobs, but it also helps to develop a nation economically. But education also has its fair share of challenges for students. Many students are able to tackle it in their strides and some are not. Some of the common problems are the rising education costs, increase in expenses associated with it, family's financial constraints and conflict.

In some countries, the student teacher ratio is a big problem. Teachers are not able to handle more than twenty students. The infrastructure is not up to standards. The quality of education is poor or it's not up to par with the ministry's standards or people's expectations. There are other problems such as discrimination and political tension.

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Common Problems

Then there are some problems that every student will smile and agree with. These include overburdening homework and assignments, and exam pressure. Other problems include:

•    Too Many Subjects - students have only one mind but have to grasp theories and concepts of up to seven subjects. This sounds impossible. Students have difficulty understanding the subject matter and they are always racing against the clock.

•    Assignments - teachers give daily homework. Students find themselves bounded. They have to spend more time sitting at their desks and solving sums or reading chapters. They don't have time for anything else.

•    Ragging - during the freshman year, students are made to do all sorts of things from putting things into the director's office to shouting slogans to moving around naked! This does have toll on students.

 •    Confusion - college going students will agree with the cloud of confusion that surrounds them when they have to select a major. They don't know what career they want to take up. They are confused.

 •    Homesick - students in colleges and universities experience this during their freshman year. They feel emotion and agitated. Some talk to their families over the phone but it makes them feel more bad!

 •    Technology - laptops are important to have assignments typed. It can also be a distraction. Students spend most of their time online social networking sites, gaming or watching movies. Their smartphones are always buzzing. Technology have become more of a distraction than being useful.

•    Financial Crisis - many students experience their first major financial crisis while in college or university. They have spent all their money in takeaways, drinking and partying. They have no option but to take up part-time job or call home for money.

•    Socializing - this is the major part of higher education. Students make more friends and acquaintances. They become members of fraternities or sorority. They are invited to parties and if they do not attend, they will be crossed off the popularity list!

•    Time - in college, students suddenly find that they don't have time. They have left their organization and time management skills behind. They feel that they don't need to follow a time table but they do so desperately.

 •    Stress - it gets a person no matter where. Assignments, coursework and partying stress out students. They don't sleep well and end up taking pills.

•    Health - students fall sick often because of poor diet, smoking and drug abuse. They don't take out time to exercise, don't go out for that much needed walk. They prefer to hoard up in the room with poor ventilation.

•    Relationship - students get too much attached to the opposite sex. They try to fit into the crowd or become popular among their peers. And it finally starts having negative effect on their academic performan

Educationists advise students to take control of their lives. They should get serious about their lives. College academic performance determines the career path and the types of jobs that they will take up. No company or organization will want to employ a person with a low aggregate. There's no doubt that students want to live their lives and make the most of it but they shouldn't get distracted from the path they have chosen. Some students and parents take up education loans. And they need to pay it off. This can only be possible if they get a good job. Many students make plans for themselves such as buying of cars, houses or starting a business. These are determined by their college aggregate. Students should make good decisions. They should be always be ready. Challenges are there but there are also ways or tips to get about them. One cannot get far by complaining all the time. They have to make most of what they have. They can make it better for others and themselves by highlighting the situation in the appropriate arena.

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