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10 Ways to Help Students Who Struggle With Anxiety

10 Ways to Help Students Who Struggle With Anxiety


Students suffer from stress because of increasing workload and academic pressure. Experts say that this is normal. It is part of growing up. Students worry about not reaching the school on time, the upcoming test, not getting to see their friends during recess or lunch and not being able to answer the teacher's question. Students worry about everything. They feel anxiety coming on if they run the particular problem in the mind over and over. It makes things worse. Students feel sweaty, sudden heat and panic. If this is not taken off in the initial stages, it will affect the student's lifestyle, relationships and overall performance.

To keep things from getting out of hand, everyone should be aware of stress. They should how it affects a person and how it can be deal with. There are three types of stress:

i. Acute - this is very common. It can be described the feeling of excitement before a party. With time, it passes.

ii. Episodic Acute - this occurs frequently. Experts say that worry triggers it. It recurs.

iii. Chronic Acute -this is a severe kind. It eventually leads to other health problems such as stroke or heart problems.

Psychiatrists say that the human body reacts to stress in different ways. Some people may experience shivering, fast breathing and palpitations. Some people may experience slowed digestion and sudden heat. Many people say that when stressed, they feel restless, moody, trouble concentrating, and uneven appetite (they may feel hungry all of a sudden or may feel not like eating). People should consult their doctor if they experience anything like this.



Anxiety is another name for stress. It can be described as a mixture of feelings of fear and unease. People worry about the chances of something bad happening; it is part of negative think. Anxiety is a normal part of our day-to-day lives. Students face it all the time. This is due to the demand for them to perform better, get good grades, upcoming exams, homesick, financial problems and plans.

Students can tackle anxiety by:

- Positivity: a person should always stay positive. Positive energy makes a person feel good.

- Sleep: this refreshes the body, mind and soul. A night's sleep is always highly recommended.

- Food: students shouldn't skip meals. Their body is growing and in need for well-balanced diets. It is advisable to take milk, lean meats, whole grain bread, steam rice, salads and healthy snacks.

- Avoid Caffeine: this has adverse effects and only makes things worse. It doesn't improve a person's mood or situation. In fact, it makes them feel panic.

- Walks: daily walks are highly recommended. Students should take walks in the park. The change in surroundings and atmosphere will do them good. Moreover, the greenery and sound of birds lift up one's mood.

- Laugh: students should spend time with their family and friends. They should share jokes and laugh it out. It gives a good and positive feeling.

- Exercise: like food, the body needs exercise. For at least ten-minutes, a person should engage in stretch-ups, running or yoga. It helps in maintaining good health.

- Friends: hang out with friends. Catch over a movie or lunch. By spending time with friends, a person will feel good. It can also be used as a distraction.

- Talk: if the person feels that situation is getting out of hand, they should talk to someone. Sharing problems make one feel lighter. And they can get a solution too. Students can talk to their peers, family or seek professional help.

- Music: listening to music helps a person to take the mind of the problem that is troubling or bothering them. They should listen to fast-paced music.

- Appreciate Life: when a person experiences hardships, they curse their fate. They forget to appreciate what life is all about. They should take things as it is. Enjoy the small things. They should count their blessings and remain head strong.

Students have a long life ahead of them. They shouldn't let small incidents and worries, pull them down. Instead, they should remain strong and get through it. By mentally going through the situation over and over again, only makes things worse. They can gain nothing out of it. In fact, they should let it be and engage themselves in some other work or activity. Then slowly, they can find a solution to the problem that is bothering them.

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