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Improve and enhance one's individual learning

Improve and Enhance Individual learning

In order to get a better understanding of learning the writer has formatted this essay for the reader to get better understanding about how and what is learning.


Cournot (1838) he explained the fact the games actually improve and enhance ones learning and he was the first to introduce explicit model on learning by games. He explained that whatever response a player chooses explains his or her recent experience which they have observed.

Brown (1951) he also agrees with the fact that games can help improve learning and ones skills can be enhanced through learning but the point where he argues with cournot is the fact that he says that the best response chosen by the player is not just based on recent experience or observation but the average of recent and the previous experience

An individual having knowledge and one lacking in it, they have no comparison with each other. Knowledge not only enhances your vision to see things differently than others but also makes you more humble and decent. The more knowledge you obtain the more you become generous. If all members or few members of the team are knowledgeable, they can take the others with them more properly and in a manner that fights and conflicts can decrease.

As explained earlier also skills are limitless one never stops, as you move further in your life every day new technology now creations are common and in order to cope up with the world you need to gain skills which will help you be more productive and more beneficial to you and to your organization.

Sharon feiman-nemsor (2003) this article explains the fact that retention of teachers depends on the productive skills and programs that they are being offered.

Further it is being discussed that teaching is profession which not only includes teaching others but also includes tremendous opportunities for future and if teachers are given proper skills and knowledge they can be beneficial for the future and this profession can be more productive and if we improve this the culture of teaching could also be improved and not only that new teachers will come in this field and this chain of distributing knowledge will never be stopped. Learning something and transferring to others is the only best thing in the world teaching is pure and from the heart. In individual possessing lots and lots of knowledge and then dying without passing it on is the worst crime of the world.

Editorial (b):
Stylianides, A. J., & Ball, D. L. (2008).they argued that skills are developed with the passage of time and people tend to posses skills

Vázquez, A. & Manassero, M. A. (2007) skills are possessed by every individual and the possession of skills have no limits and if you want to succeed in the world and in this rapidly changing technology you need to posses skills


William (2009) he has explained that an attitude is an object of thought attitude comprises of anything a person holds regarding anything they can be positive or negative. He has discussed with giving examples of several other authors that in past years attitudes were only measured by scales or rating indicators but now a days implicit behaviors help in identifying attitudes

Gowronski & bodenhousen(2007) they explained that people often explain different kinds of attitudes and behaviors' based on concrete physical experience, warm reception, a clean solution a dark hour.atituded tend to effect an individuals ability to perform and to perceive things and to explain the behaviors' of others. The study illustrates the fact that people who learn by implicit behaviors' tend to be more productive towards the work they do.

Zembylas, M. (2005) he explained that attitudes are different in every individual and the way an individual posses certain emotions tend to define it by its attitudes and not only are that attitudes ones mirror to self.

Emotions play an important role in any field of life they help you judge or perceive different things. Positive experiences help you clearly identifying something and the experiences regarding them you will surely get closer or attracted to the experiences or tasks in which you have positive emotion s and avoid them in which negative emotions are involved.

Shofner (2009) in this article they have done several experimentation on the facts that how certain subjects and fields can effect genders and they have discussed that emotions are merely negative in women when it comes to the subjects of physics and chemistry .also they concluded that man showed positive emotions for teaching science content than women and both of them reported negative emotions in the learning of physics and chemistry
Appelton (2008) he with the help of other authors knowledge and study concluded that emotions are very important when it comes to the initial teacher education, this will help them in their own possible education .younger teachers show great enthusiasm in this field so it is important to tell them that emotions will play a vital role in their positive productivity at work so it will be necessary to develop programs of intervention and emotional support.
Editorial (c):
Koballa, T. R., Bradbury, L. U., Glynn, S. M. & Deaton, C. M. (2008).they argued that emotions were the only factor which changed from the passage of time and in different situations and helped individuals being more productive.

Emotions contributing to vigorous group work:
Several emotion help build a team more strong like the emotions of joy, celebrating the joys of others being able to be happy in others happiness and celebrating the moments in which others achieve or accomplish something. This emotion can make a bond which can be more trustworthy and productive for the organization.

Emotions wishing to pull of in prospect:

The emotion of envy can sometimes help you in being more efficient and productive in your work, as it is often said that healthy competition can always be productive.


Conclusions are always a hard part because putting everything together in one part is always tough. We started with the definition of individual learning and discussed several aspects of it and I discussed in depth the purpose of each of the factors. In simple every aspect of learning is important whether it is knowledge, skill, attitude or emotion. One must never stop learning there is no ending point to learning. Emotions are interlinked with the attitudes your attitudes tend to portray the ability of an individual to learn. So positive attitudes portray positive feeling and negative attitudes portray negative feeling towards learning. Several studies also depicted that these 4 aspects of learning are a never ending process the more you get hold of the more you want. Knowledge about self is important because without it the attainment of these 4 aspects can be futile.


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