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Confession of a Journalist

Confession of a journalist

 As nice as a profession I ever dreamt of, journalism. With a lot of delight to pursue the dream, extra studies were inevitable. Sparing some time to pass by the library became my hobby without which I felt empty and vulnerable as well as sliming my chances of getting to my destiny.

Imaginations here and thereof how I could be a celebrity in future came in handy. Thinking that one day I would be unmasked by 'the big media house', my prospective employer and that the whole world would get to know me; my family background, education background, marital status, including nothing but rumours never an exception. Wow! What a wonderful feeling.


Now that I had all the professionalism and qualities required by for this task ahead; a bachelors in mass media degree, volunteering certificates, elementary education certificates, and other nicely written documents to prove that in deed I was on standby to shake the new world in making, coming across a job advert by Standard Media Group, a vacancy to be filled by a filed reporter was present. For once I knew the dream became a reality.

On the d-day of the interview, I had to dress in one of my best outfits. Rehearsal for the same and getting psyched up before getting into the interview had to be more than adequate in order to merge out as the best which would in turn give me the opportunity to fill the space previously existing. A cumbersome and terrifying moment it was! But thanks to God it was successful and that I managed to beat my other colleagues in that too. Just but an enough motivation.

  I had finally secured the job- a step ahead. A reflection of my desires now had to commence immediately. Reporting to my new job station was like a dream once more, meeting and interacting with the whole Standard Media Group family as part of them. Incredible!

At around 1345h, on Monday, if memory serves me right, the operations manager called me into his office and told me to move to Marsabit to follow up a story on the inter-clan war that would be part of the bulleting at the 9pm news. With zeal I took up the responsibility as the chief reporter and together with my crew we were airlifted.

The heat in this place was unbearable by the time we alighted. The sky was blue and clear of clouds. Passion kept me enduring. But by the time we had compiled the news, the rain was intense.

"Hey Mitch, can you hear me from the studio?" I began.

My cameraman was ready too and that it was the moment, exactly 2105h and this was the prime bulleting. I had to persevere standing in the rainfall, after all what would get butter to my table?

"We've been following this story in this war-ridden zone to get you informed" I continued. My clothes were already wet but this was an obligation, loyalty to the audience.

"It's hectic following up the story, as there is a tag of war between the Burma and the Burji clans who are believed to be cousins. Though search for wealth; land in this case, has en them bypass or rather disqualify the significance of the famous quote 'blood is thicker than water' ..." all of a sudden, my alarm began ringing. Definitely it was 4am. Waking up to find myself by my bed was a great disappointment.


Meeting the right person to love has definitely remained a great problem in the contemporary world. Some even have ceased to love for the phobia of being heart-broken after several unfulfilled promises. Issues of integrity among the couples have become one of the grisly tragedies in this life. Guarding what is faithfully yours has gradually become. As much as it's said that you only miss after losing then until that thing arrives then you won't know that you have been missing it. Fresh couples normally dream of paradise only to end up in hell on the earthly kingdom.

Reasons for text difficulty

Use of bombastic words - this is the use of highly elevated language level which mainly arises in case the audience was not taken into consideration thus text difficulty in reading . For example, in a case in which a class one text book is written in a highly elevated language with a lot of higher level education vocabulary, the issue of text difficulty arises

Lack of content about what is written - whenever the reader of certain content is not aware of the information and cannot even link that information with the prior information then cases of text difficulty arises. For example when an audience is being exposed to a certain subject for the first time, its explicit that he/she would not be aware of the contents so contained.

Poor page layout of the texts - this is just about how a certain page is presented to the expected audiences. Whenever there is an improper layout of the text in a page, the text difficulty arises as it becomes difficult to read the texts in such a context. For example, a poor page layout discourages the reader psychologically from reading the text. Hence text difficulty

Small or very large print size - the font size of the text plays a very crucial role in overcoming text difficulty. Whenever the font is either to small that the texts seem to be squeezed or the font is too large it discourages the reader/ audience hence contributing to the text difficulty. For example, when a small print size is used, the text appears to be congested thus calls for straining when it comes to reading which enhances the chances of text difficulty.

Long complicated sentences - whenever the sentences are too long it makes comprehension of whatever is entailed in the sentences difficult. In any case understanding the text isn't easy, then the case of text difficulty arises. For example long sentences are known to bring ambiguity as they mostly lack clarity of whatever subject they are about, hence text difficulty.

Solutions for text difficulty

 Paraphrasing the long sentences:  understanding the contexts of long complex sentences is always difficult. In order to minimize the chances of failing to interpreting the sentences, then use your words by paraphrasing the sentence to help you understand the sentence as intended by the writer.

Use of references: referring to other sources such as internet and dictionaries can be used to check out meanings of words that seem to be unfamiliar. This clears off doubts in the reader's mind hence overcoming text difficulty.

Being patient with unfamiliar words: whenever a reader comes across unfamiliar words, they are prone to becoming anxious and many a times they may try to alter the pronunciation or a liken some words that they already know and believe may have the same pronunciation. This brings about text difficulty. By being patient with these unfamiliar, will enable them find the intended meaning by the writer then text difficulty would have been overcame. 

Re-read for mistakes: just before the writer of any content discloses it to the intended audience, he/she should re-read the content to minimize the chances of text difficulty through identification of mistakes. By so doing, he/she would have reduce chances of text difficulty

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