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How Do World Trends Shape Education


We often discuss the fact that students must learn about global issues and challenges in order to be live and work in our interconnected world.

But how do global issues and trends affect the education system itself? What does it mean for students, teachers, schools and education community?

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Will online relationship interconnect the whole world? Will student itself develop their curriculum according to their intrest? Will the textbooks published online? Will the poor people get the same education as the wealthiest? These problems can be solved by the ideas behind the trends in developing technology and this has an impact on our education system.

  • Educators are learning to work together. Students and experts from all over the world create and tailor content according to their need.
  • Students develop the power of critical thinking .New problem solving methods are developed in terms of developing trends in technology.
  • Schools are developing curriculum on the basis of learner-centered .This method is used to motivate each student to learn through his or her paasion.Student interest is directly correlated to their achievement and indirectly to the development of whole nation.
  • Gender imbalance problem is also solved which is major issue in developing countries. Women can also work online in their homes.
  • With the use of internet children of poorest people are able to get same quality of education as the wealthiest.
  • It also change the textbook industry. Textbook publishers are finding way to make themselves relevant to their digital audience.

Different communities educate their population according to the growing trends so that they will not experience problems in near future. How do we give best education to the students of tomorrow???


1.  Boom in digital technology: 

Rapid and dramatic growth of digital technology change the rules of the education in schools, institutes,companies etc.Internet and online learning make significant changes in education.

          "We are seeing a revolution in education as we speak" says professor Anant Aggarwal,CEO of edx,the online learning destination founded by MIT and Havard

            "Technology is casting a spotlight on the innovation of massively open courses, of dynamic new study options that are available to everyone regardless of background or location"

With the help of digital technology, it is easier to connect thousands of people on internet. Open online learning courses feed the needs of developing world.

2. Development of new language:

Companies from developed countries give employment to local people as they need to understand the local culture and practices, so that they develop speed in their work.

3.  Economic development:

Internet enables students from developing countries to take courses from foreign institutions. Internet also led to the new set of values by focusing on those people who are making contribution to society. Top social innovators should become role models.

4. Mobile learning:

Mobile learning support anywhere, anytime learning opportunities. The instructional design of mobile learning requires that learning become more modern, contextual and bite-sized to provide flexibility and clear outcomes before moving to the next level of learning

5. 3 D printing:

3D printers help students to bring their ideas to life or put their hands on concepts that was only on textbooks.

6.  Wearable's court mainstream status:;

Wearable technology not only assists students but also offer many benefits to educators. From pinging students GPS locations during a field trip to recording point of view lessons, teachers have more options to monitor and engage with students.

7. Gaming:

Online game experience is extremely common among young people and these games offer an opportunity for increased social interaction and civic engagement among youth.

8. Distance learning:

Technology overcomes the barriers of distance between experts and students by use of online education. It delivers lessons or training from one location to another with the use online education. Most colleges and universities across the world offers online courses.

In 2012,the latest development is the rise of courser, which offers free online courses from elite university, such as MIT and Havard ,reaching more than one million registered students in 2012.

9. Readymade education material:

Internet also has important role in providing education material. Through the use of satellite videos and internet experts upload education material .So there is increase in quantity and diversity of educational material available for students.

10.  Upto date information:

Internet makes the information upto date which are not available in outdated books. So it develop interest and excitement among the students. The use of internet for school projects develop curiosity among students and strengthen their research and investigative skills.

These trends are expected to continue and to challenge many of the delivery models fundamental to formal education. We utilize technology in the classroom to connect students to real world projects. Real world is ever more interconnected and interdependent.

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