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Importance of Distance Education

Distance Education as the word states its meaning education from distance or education from a place away from your hometown. It helps to provide education facility online. It stands for education from a reputed institute without leaving your home. It is a different form of education where a student stays in their hometown and study from a reputed institute far away from their house. This mode of education can also be opting by the students doing jobs.


This form of education provides a privilege to students they do not have to leave their houses or jobs to get quality and desired studies. The Institutes which provides this type of education, are available in large numbers. A unique option for a student, a student needs not to attend any classes. There is no need to go to college or institute. Without making any sacrificing anything. Even the exam is in online mode. It is the modest form of education.

The value of the degree will be same as a correspondence one. Many more features have been added to the list to make it better and comfortable for the student. Not only online mode of exam is a benefit even a student have the privilege to select the dates of the exam as well as. Many more features are there as online books, online recorded and live classes by the best faculties, question bank, sample test, assignment, and even classes.

There are no time restrictions for a student a student can learn and access his/her stuff at any time. It is more convenient for a student as he/she can learn the topic of their choice and can read at their place according to their time and need.

The cost of education will be cheaper, and there are various institution options available with the student amongst which he can select the best institute. One more major benefit is no transportation cost involved, as the student does not have to go to college or institute.

But it is not as easy as it seems to be distance education is a relief for the student, but a student has to go through various ups and downs in this method of studies. As before starting this is the student has studied in school or colleges. Where the habit of being taught by a teacher or read from books and supplementary provided by the teachers. Here in this way of learning, there is no classroom available. As it is that said, class environment helps the student to learn and explore more.

Learning and teaching process is completely different it is not easy for a student to learn or grasp it quickly. Due to which many students have to face various problems and might lack or left behind. As there is no teacher available to teach them in class or to punish them on not focusing. Although the teacher is available by mail but this much is not enough for a student at some point.

Although online examination mode, made it easier as the student can give exams in the nearby recognised institute most of the students have a habit of pen and paper form of exams and this is the first time they are going to answer paper in online mode. Lack of use of technology. Due to which they lacked and didn't able to answer all the questions in the given time.

Even at some places degree of distance education is not valid. Some institutes do not give any preference or did not accept the format of learning and reject the job application of the employee.

This mode is not suitable for some professions' as they need practice as well for such courses this mode of education is not appropriate. There will be overdependence on technology; a student might stop gathering knowledge and start working on hit and trial basis. Or there might be chances that student may face failure due to technical faults.

There can be a lack of discipline as students don't take this way of learning so seriously and face problems in the way of learning. Lack of studying environment sometimes leads to lack of discipline.

It could become lonely for a student as there is no interaction between student and teacher and there are no friends.

In the end, it would not be right to conclude that this method of education is not good it has both good and bad effects. Distance education can be beneficial for students who have the strong will to study but unable to get time to go to college or institutes due to any reason. This mode of learning helps to explore more and to gather additional education without leaving their current job. Distance education has a wider scope and is very beneficial for students willing to study or learn.

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