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Apply a Methodical Approach When Getting Help with Assignment

Apply a Methodical Approach When Getting Help with Assignment

Most colleges and higher education institutes have certain marking criteria for assignments. They want their students to put knowledge to paper in a systematic manner. Lecturers and professors want the same old ideas, concepts and theories should be written in such a way that it seems interesting and new to them. No plagiarism involved. When compiling assignments, students should do their fair share of reading. It makes them aware of all the topic and increases their understanding. It also gives them the opportunity to create their opinions and views about the particular topic and reading. It's advisable for them to go through several readings by various authors on the same subject. The Internet can prove to be quite helpful here. Moreover, students should remember to put the material in the reference section. Not doing so would prove to be troublesome.

Those having difficulties should consult their tutors and lecturers. They should clarify their doubts. It makes the task at hand easy. It's also good to seek the help of seniors and peers. They would have gone through the same topics and assignments, and their experience counts. Moreover, a student should never delay working on assignments. Doing so only makes things hectic and last minute. Thus, they are not able to give their best and end up with unsatisfactory performance.

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Get things Started

To get things on the track, students should spend some time in the library. They can go through numerous books. Students can also go through past assignments and projects to get a fair idea and the layout. Then, they can work accordingly. With help from tutors, they can create an objective of the assignment. They should also discuss the methodology. Students should plan, organise and be flexible. They should be open to discussions which give them space to rework and improve their assignments. Other helpful ways are as follows:

  • Timetable - work according to a time-table is essential as it helps a person to manage their time. Through this, they can work towards their goals or target
  • Get the topic - go through the topic with the tutor or lecturer. Students should familiarise themselves with the topic. Doing so makes the task easier

•    Outline - make an outline of the topic. Branch out the topic into small headings and subheadings. Once, the student has all the headings, he or she can write the objective

•    Discussions - hold conversations about the assignment. Hear the peers views and thoughts. Initiate the exchange and flow of ideas. Be ready to improve oneself

•    Various methods - students should be mindful to highlight the methods of research used; how they collected or gathered data; who they consulted; and types of literature, etc. they went through

•    Reference - to avoid deduction in marks, students should highlight the source of material, where they got the data or information from, such as from books or newspapers or the internet. It should be outlined in the form of a bibliography

•    Editing - once all the data has been gathered, students start writing their assignments. Writing and editing is an on-going process. It is  seen that even till the last minute, students edit their projects

•    Style - the style of writing and presentation should be kept the same from the beginning to the end. Some tutors and lecturers give plus marks for the style

Applying a methodical approach to assignments is not easy. Students should maintain it through a clear structure. There should be lots of subheadings to divide the assignment into small portions. It makes reading and understanding easy. Plus, it's a way of summarizing the topics. In assignments, students have to keep in mind that there are many topics within a topic. They should be good judges to see which subtopics have value or importance and which don't. Doing so, they won't end up making a total mess of the assignment. Students should read through their assignments before submitting it. By reading through, they get to correct grammatical errors. Lecturers don't like submissions that contain a lot of grammatical mistakes. It's a total turn off. It's advisable to let a senior or a tutor go through the assignment. They have a neutral stance and can easily criticise the work if the need arises. Assignments and projects should be typed and formatted in a prescribed manner. Students should follow every guideline of assignment and project submission because it also carries marks. Tutors and lecturers often get thrilled with neat assignment submissions. And they love to go through such assignments.


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