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Ten Best Excuses for not doing your Homework

Ten Best Excuses for not doing your Homework

Getting homework is sometimes a headache. I mean you are not always in a mood to do your homework and just in case you are thinking about some of the excuses for not doing your homework, here are some.

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1.    "I thought it was in my bag, but I guess I've left it at home."This excuse is one of the oldest and real excuses to make. Often while doing homework, we forget it at the place we did it. So, Chances of believing this one is high.

2.    " I had to go to for a family function."This excuse is also believable, sometimes when you reach home after school, you get to hear from your mother, "Get ready we have to go to our relatives place, it's your cousin's birthday". Or any such reason.We get excited and forget that we had our homework too. And even if we remember we feel like, let's just go to the function, we get homework daily, but these occasions come rarely. So yes we make our mind and choose not to do our homework.

3.    "I am under medication from past few days, so I was not able to do my homework".

Saying this will demand proof too. Be alert when you use such excuse as the teacher will ask for the reports and may contact your parents. So, if genuinely you were ill, then it is fine. But if it is just an excuse, you'll have to play safe.

4.    "I had too much homework from my other subjects, so I was unable to do the homework you gave".It may work as you have around 5-6 subjects and each subject demands its own time. In that case, you may have homework for multiple subjects at one time. By setting priority, you will start doing the homework subject wise. And because of less time you skip some of the homework. So, you can try this one.

5.    "I was busy with the co-curricular activities going on in school".If your school is going to organise some function, you have the best excuse for not doing your homework. Saying that you're a part of some performance can spare you from homework checking.

6.    "I was not present in the class when homework was given."Okay, you can use that, but keep in mind that you were not present at the time teacher gave homework. Of course, she will be checking as soon as you state this.

7.    "I didn't understand the homework, can you tell me again so that I can bring it tomorrow?"Well, this may work. But keep in mind don't be over-smart in front of your teacher. The teacher may tell you again but the next time you'll bring the homework, she can ask you what you've understood. So, be ready for a surprise when you use this excuse. 

8.    "My internet was not working".If your homework was meant to do by using the internet, you could save yourself. As many times the internet doesn't work in reality. So, the teacher can trust you with this one.

9.    "I forgot."I will not consider it an excuse. Rather it is acceptance that yes I forgot. If you are ready to face the consequences and fine with whatever teacher says, then telling the truth is a hassle-free option. Sometimes teacher may spare you seeing your honesty.  And making unnecessary excuse will make you tense, so instead just say that you forgot. But still, all the best with this one.

10.    "I injured my hand and couldn't write". Reading the excuse, you know that your hand should be injured in reality if you are in a mood to say it in front of your teacher. If you don't want some serious questionnaires, just tie a bandage and say your hand is injured, and your teacher will spare you.

Having said those excuses, keep in mind don't repeat the excuse. The best way is to do your homework, and then you'll not need to think of any excuse. But just for a change if you are not in a mood to do your homework, you can use any of them and can make some more by your own.Life is not to stay serious all the time. Have fun. Skip some homework. Make excuses but don't be habitual of making excuses. Try these excuses to escape some serious homework burden but not every time.

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