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Homework is Not a Burden - Get Done Efficiently

Efficient Way to Get Homework Done

Most of the students find homework stressing while others complain that it is too much. Teachers should be mindful not to overload or burden the students.  University's professors say that homework should be practice and extensions of what happens in class. Researchers say that homework can be used as a tool to reinforce classroom learning. Nonetheless, teaching and learning should be a fun experience. Homework should also be the same. Different students have various levels of intelligence and learning styles. Teachers and lecturers should be able to accommodate all of them.

Doing it Efficiently

  • Moreover, students should understand that assignments are part of the learning process. It can be made efficient by:
  • Using a timer: students can assess themselves by seeing how much time they use (consume) to get their homework done
  • Make the study area comfortable
  • The student should see to that they have the textbooks and other materials needed for the particular homework
  • Set aside a notebook to write down details of the assignment such as the question or topic and the due date
  • Take help from the teacher: one can kindly request teachers not to give lengthy assignments
  • Breaks: one can take short snack breaks while doing homework
  • Avoid using the social media and smartphones while trying to get the work done
  • Switch off the television" it can be distracting
  • Focus: by concentrating, one always accomplishes the task in a short time
  • Quit complaining and get the work done
  • Students should get more involved
  • Get parents to pitch in: students can tell their parents about the homework and the deadline involved, and they can do chores later on
  • Do it with a friend
  • Prepare a timetable: Study according to the schedule keeps things in control
  • It's better to start with the simple assignments first then get on with the challenging or difficult ones
  • It's best to double check the work before submitting it: this helps in getting good grades

Clarify Doubts

Students should clarify doubts with their teachers regarding the assignments. They can also get help from a sibling or a family member who has knowledge of that subject matter. If students feel that they are getting bored, or their mind is wandering, it's better to take a short break. In break Go for a walk or play with a friend or younger sibling. Then return to accomplish the task at hand. Apart from refreshing the mind and body, short breaks help one in getting focused. Students should not postpone their assignments. Doing so, only adds onto the workload. It is best to complete the homework on the given day so that one has time for something else such as revision or pop quizzes. Students are advised not to stress themselves out if they are not able to solve a problem. Go through textbooks or ask a friend or sibling for help. Parents and siblings should help and not do the homework for them. If the problem is still unsolved, then ask the teacher. One should never be scared or hesitant to ask the teacher for help.

Teachers Should Play an Active Role

Teachers should make homework interesting and creative. They shouldn't assign class work as homework. Students find this annoying, and they lose interest. They are always looking for something that drives and motivates them to research. By doing so, they broaden their knowledge. It has seen that most teachers assign students to read chapters as homework or write about what they did in their summer or winter vacations. Teachers should take more initiative to assign something creative and engages the student. They should also be mindful not to give too much homework. This will end up to stressing out the student and also creates problems at home. It also leads to lack of sleep. Thus, negative impact on health. There should be a right balance. Students should also get time to socialise with their friends and family. This is part of a healthy growing up process.

Homework is Not a Burden

Largely, homework should not be considered as a burden. Students should quit this negative perception. They should realise that it strengthens their skills and prepares them for tests. And teachers should also keep in mind not to overload their students. They should be thoughtful in the regards that students have different capabilities, and not everyone will be able to accomplish the assigned task. There should also be space for feedback from students as to how they accomplished their homework and the difficulties they faced in doing so. This will create a better understanding and next time; teachers will know what to assign. Teachers should engage students in a creative way to keep them motivated. 

On the positive side, homework teaches students time management. They get to prioritise their work, focus on productivity and fit in other activities. It makes a person time wise. Students also learn about the organisation through assignments. They plan and shape their ideas as well as set academic goals. Homework kept students alert and prepared for tests. Teachers use it to motivate and encourage students by giving extra assignments and grades. It gives the opportunity to students to better themselves academically. Overall, assignments have a positive impact on student achievement.

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