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The Art of Learning from the Mistakes

We live in a world whereby everyone admires perfection, perfection which is impossible to achieve, people shun and disassociate with people who make mistakes in a world whereby making mistakes is inevitable. It would be nice and also good if only and if we be at ease with the mistakes, not by being comfortable with them but seeing this mistakes we make in our daily life's in a different way and also identify their benefits. It's important that we should learn the art of learning from our mistakes and also from mistakes of others so as to make good decisions in all our future endeavours.

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It's a norm that we learn from our past mistakes, since time immemorial mankind has been known to learn from analysing mistakes he/she has done in the past and thus avoid repeating such mistakes again .This culture of learning from past mistakes has greatly helped mankind in making decisions and thus survive in this vulnerable world. It's good to learn from our mistakes and avoid repeating the same mistakes and wrongs every now and then.

It's always said that experience is the best teacher and studies have revealed that its from experience that we learn, whether bad or good experience we stand to learn something if we are keen on what's going on around ourselves or in our environments. Its always expected of anyone to use his/her experience for example bad ones like maybe the decisions he/she made in the past that brought about the mistake or failure and thus avoid making same decisions. Also analysing our past experiences allows us to know and associate ourselves with people whom at one time in their lives we faced with problems but managed to turn them into successful stories in areas such as social life or business life like ours and thus will give us details on how they managed to turn failure stories to success stories and in the end influence our decision making and judgments and thus also to our lives.

It's good to accept your mistakes and try to improve and gauge yourself and also not to see past mistakes as obstacles but an opportunity to revive and re-energize . when you have done a mistake don't try to apportion blames or deny but its worth to accept them and let them be a positive challenge to you that you must improve next time in the same field or area. Also it gives you an opportunity gauge yourself in a positive way and thus you would be in a position to know the possible remedy to the shortcomings befalling you and thus improve from doing same or previous mistakes or wrongs again and hence strive towards success in your endeavours or daily activities without any worry whatsoever.

Committing a mistake is not a crime at all but it's not good to seem ignorant and repeat a mistake over and over without learning from it, it may portray you as ignorant and insensitive as doing a mistake is not bad but repeating a mistake is bad, thus we should avoid being ignorant and learn from our past mistakes and thus avoid doing same mistakes every now and then as they may describe us as being insensitive. Also our past mistakes should encourage us rather than discouraging this is because it's a clear show and indication that we have or you have not done your best as expected and what we ought to. Every mistake gives us an opportunity to reenergize and redeem ourselves and outshine the particular setback.

It is always good to analyse the mistakes done by others in fields we are interested in whether in family life, social life or business, we can review failure stories of various people so as to know and understand how this people managed to cope up with failures and also what they have done in such situations. For example one can analyse the mistakes and failure stories of prominent people all over the world and hence learn and understand how this people managed to turn mistakes and failures to their present situations or success stories. It's from mistakes and failures from our past lives that we can come up with visionary resolutions in any field or existing one hence it will be very important that in doing any endeavour be it business or even in our daily life activities we should try to analyse carefully and diligently the problems of others in our positions or those who were in our positions, whether currently or in the past thus putting ourselves in a position to avoid being vulnerable to avoidable mistakes.

Many people still live with the belief that making mistakes is a vice, a mistake indeed if you will, some people think that they can really live in a perfect world, a universe without failures and mistakes where everything is in order or follows a required 'wished' way, we also belief at times that we can eliminate mistakes completely out of this world, but the answer is contrary, this world is not perfect, it is not possible that we can absolutely eliminate mistakes and failures from this beautiful universe but only we can reduce the mistakes that we indulge ourselves in and also reduce the chances of failures occurring because mankind is prone to errors and man won't and can't live in perfection but will try as much as possible to be perfect by reducing the instances of being vulnerable to mistakes.

As we live in world full of uncertainties and constant change in all aspects of live, to avoid mistakes we need to be flexible so as to overcome the uncertainties, also there is need not to resist change as this is the main cause of mistakes, it is best if and only if we embrace change wherever is in any aspect of our life's. As said by John Dewey, "Failure is instructive. The person who really thinks learns quite as much from his failures as from his successes" thus in this world we got to learn from our failures or mistakes and also from our successes alike hence we learn from our mistakes whether sweet or bitter.

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