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Entrepreneurship Education for children and Young Adults

Who is an entrepreneur? In common terms and entrepreneur is someone who establishes his or her own business at considerable initiative and risk. Now how does entrepreneurship education help children and young adults?

The common scenario today is unemployment. It is a grave concern which is gnawing the world. Many of them have degrees, have the skills needed for the job but yet not able to find a suitable job. The rat race in which we are today has got us in such a debt that many of them are unemployed. Unemployment here does not only mean being jobless. It also means to work outside one's career field. For example, someone who has done their engineering might not be able to find a suitable job and might end up landing in a job which might nowhere be related to what they have done or aspire to.

So how does Entrepreneurship fall into place? Being an entrepreneur involves a lot of risk taking but, handling that risk and yet managing to provide results is something which everyone has to appreciate and that needs a lot of confidence. Many of the students or young adults do not have the confidence or are not encouraged to think different. This makes them to join the rat race in which they might find success but not satisfaction.

Many such adults who lost interest in their jobs because of the monotony or uninterested chose to establish their own business in which they were planning to and have succeeded too. Many success stories have a lot of struggle and pain behind it and it all comes with a package called experience. To take such risk one needs to be confident enough to face the world and continue with what they do.

So does entrepreneurship education help?

Yes, if the entrepreneurship education is implemented at an early age, the child discovers himself or herself in the learning process. The teachers can help them to develop on their skills and initiate them to build more on their ideas. This push gives them confidence that they can do something.

So is the teacher only responsible for this whole process? No, the parents should also support them and give them small responsibilities and observe them. This in turn will make them responsible for their action by which they can learn discipline. Small activities like baking, carving, building some kind of a toy with supervision might bring out who the child is.

Does that mean basic education should be not given prominence?

No, basic education should also be given prominence as all these activities suffice only if a formal education is given to the child and is made aware of what is right and what is wrong. For example if we have to bake something, it involves a little bit of science, one is to measure the quantity secondly to set the temperature, only if the child knows what these mean and how does it affect can one can  bake well. So basic education along with developing their skills and interest is a must.

So how does entrepreneurship education benefit?

The child's interest is awakened. It is not monotony as the child is given chances to experiment with the trial and error method. This not only awakens their interest but also makes them determined.

The child is aware of what career they can choose after passing schools or college. They would be confident enough on their ideas and wouldn't hesitate to implement it.

The trial and error method will get the children to make cost effective designs which will require minimum usage of money. Thus also making them to be economical.

The problem solving skills are developed here. Many children or young adults as such easily go to depression or tend to be suicidal when they are not able to solve the problems. This entrepreneurship education will help them to combat this. During the course of this education the child's confidence level is increased and constant motivation is given. This in turn will make them think to find a solution to their problem rather than brooding over it. They would later apply it to their personal life too.

During this course of their entrepreneurship education the students learn what is moral and immoral thus improving on their ethics.

The school dropout rates can be curbed by bringing in entrepreneurship education. The child's interest is sharpened here and is made to believe that every individual can achieve something. This would keep their passion burning thus lowering the school dropout rate.

Many of them today , not just the students even we as adults do not have confidence in us and we tend to lose ourselves. This entrepreneurship education will make them belie in themselves thus improving their self esteem and respect. This will give them a push to do what they believe in and live successfully as an individual.

Many of us do not take our failures as we take our success. This entrepreneurship education helps students to learn from their mistakes. Babies fall several times before their learn to walk finally. Similarly we might see many failures during the course of our life in our business or in our personal life. It is important for us to take failure as a challenge and work on it. Entrepreneurship education makes us learn to accept our mistakes and arise from it.

If we have to live in a peaceful world, it should be a contribution from everyone and every single person is responsible to create a good world for themselves and others. Entrepreneurship education helps every individual to empower themselves and others too. Thus, entrepreneurship education positively impacts on a wide array of aspects and helps to combat unemployment.


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