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Individual Reflection Team Working Experience

Individual Reflection Paper Team Working Experience

Teamwork is an essential part of the business process for a well coordinated Team Working Skill. The employers look for people who are good problem solvers and work effectively with people as a team player. In the modern business, there are self-help groups in business which are divided into project groups, self-managed teams, management team etc which are designed to align with people and work. Thus, the behavioral development is important for a team spirit. Team working involves confidently working in a group where the team reaches a tentative conclusion. The members get a chance to generate and give their own ideas and take the share of responsibility. Hence, the personality should be assertive than being aggressive or passive in a team working situation. Learning and accepting with a flexibility to help in the work of others in case there is a need to achieve the team objectives makes a team member potent and the value asset of the member rises (Fisscher, 2008).

The team working skills represented by the group in the project was excellent. All knew their share of the job and performed it well with needed inputs and changes to make the project as it is. The members had the objectives set to investigate the idea of online group or virtual group development and implementation. The need for the modern day business has to be understood where the people and business partners are getting diversified. The global business has invested millions in developing and building international business chains for a global business presence and idea distribution (Team, 2010).

The span in the modern day would also determine the cost efficiency of the business since it can purchase sale and develop products and services accordingly. The virtual world of business enhanced and presented by modern day IT infrastructure businesses has made such capable. The teams working across the globe in various capacities source from the market that gives it the cost advantage. The sales are in a different nation with a varied economy that enables all the market to get equally good product and services at the most competent price. The stakeholders too have diversified in the modern business making the scope for enhanced communication important. The communication ability has enhanced the virtual team formation in business (Wakefield et al., 2006)

The team working experience

The team formation in the modern day business is such that not all members are based out of the same place. The different parts of the business are placed in different economies that coordinated among themselves to make the job happen. For an example, the business of CoCa Cola is operating all across the globe. The Central Head Quarters is in the US who makes the funding decision. If the South East Asian Sales team finds the scope to be larger than the capacity it would coordinate with the Head Quarters (HQ) for expansion and market growth. The South East Asian team can do the same with the HQ investment decision-making the team via Communication technology for the project and the same foreseen project group is formed in the virtual space (Dineen, 2005).

The entire team communication and understanding is a key part where the diversity management is a key issue. The team may have a host of people from various age groups, genders, nationality, culture and creed.But the goal is the same for always. Such team is competent to communicate and stays flexible to adopt the changes, as and where needed. The team gives the business the ability to get in the host of ideas and skills which make the job done in time. The team also means people learns and develops the weaknesses with strengths for future use and benefits for both business and the personal growth (Huckman and Staats, 2007).

Team formation gives a learning experience where the aspects of human behavior are important to note. The ability to enter a new culture and business environment is enhanced with diversification in the team. Virtual teams save the business a lot of money since they don't have to recruit the same skill sets in every economy they are working, especially the key skills like investment decision making or sales forecasting. The organizational behavior resonates in among the member which is sounded via the group behavior(Ro and Choi, 2011).

The team can do a virtual formation via modern day gadgets to analyze the data needed to take decisions. The investment or expansion decisions made by the members would ensure the objective achievement. Hence, the business team performance is enhanced and the cost of team formation is also brought down when the potential of individuals are assorted via team interaction and behavior. The virtual team also gives the team the ability to complete the project with needed inputs from all sphere from across various locations. The group worked on the project knowing their objectives where the team members settled their jobs in mutual coordination. The expectations were set and the members went to their work (Ro and Choi, 2011).


The members were ready to take any new challenges and all were aware of their own as well as other's role in the team. The members thus knew whom to talk about what and when. The people in the team were competent in each of their fields along with others so a mutual coordination was observed where the one with lesser skill had to the problem to cope with. Each member contributed towards the development of the objective as set in the beginning(Powers, 2014).

The skills sets were different in each of the members which gave the people with a lesser skill go with one with better skills to learn and use the same in the later part. The mutual development was one part while idea sharing was another. The people shared their thoughts to have a better outcome which was debated to see if the inclusion or the proposed change helps the purpose. The use of communication tool was another important aspect which kept the members in the loop at all times. The virtual communication group, as well as the acting group activity, resulted in process formulation and guideline for operations.

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